PT's Effects Routing Dilemma

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by Bleu, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Bleu

    Bleu Guest


    I am doing some mixing at a friend's studio & he has run into a problem which I told him I would run by you guys, since I have been helped here in the past.

    First of all, I am tracking on PT's HD with version 6.9.2, he has the Digi 002 rack version 7.0 with a Soundcraft GB 8 analog board. I take my sessions to him via hard drive.

    He has the group sends 1-8 to the Digi rack inputs 1-8, the Digi rack stereo feeds to pots 1-16 on board & the Digi rack is connected to extra 8 input/output channels via optical 1-8 outs.

    When I pull up my PT's mix on his set up, the session comes up fine. I bus my p/ins on auxes 1 & 2 in my mixes.

    I'm not as technically savvy as some of you guys here on the forum, but I'll try & explain it as best as I can.

    The problem is this:

    When routing effects through buses with multiple tracks from my mix through bus & bus output set to analog spdif 1 & 2 effects, it outputs to board channel 1 & 2 instead of board track channel associated with effect.

    For instance, if we have guitars to spdif 7 & 8, & they are bused 1 & 2 on my PT's session, on the board the clean guitar comes out on 7 & 8 while the effects comes out 1 & 2 as an 'overlay' across all tracks.

    We can get all the tracks to come up clean on the board, but no effects that I already have INDIVIDUALLY bused on the PT's session.

    Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    what is converting the optical outs to analog ?

    what is spdif 7 & 8 ?

    " When I pull up my PT's mix on his set up ... "
    are you saying you have a mix from the HD system you want to put on the 002/Soundcraft GB 8 system ?

    " bus output set to analog spdif 1 & 2 effects "
    there is lots of stuff above that doesn't make sense
    analog spdf
  3. pmolsonmus

    pmolsonmus Well-Known Member

    I'm with Kev, not sure what you mean by much of what you've written. Are you looking for effects that you have put on the individual buses that arent' showing up? Is there a routing issue so the signal isn't showing up?

    Routing can be confusing, so if you can load a picture of your set up it may help us

  4. Bleu

    Bleu Guest

    Thanks Kev & Phil for your responses.

    Sorry for the confusion in conveying the problem.

    Spdif = S/PDIF (as in optical digital connection).

    I will try & load a pic on the forum as soon as I can get to the studio again.

    My mix IS showing up on his 002/GB 8 system just fine. The bus outputs on the HD mix is set to the analog GB 8 board's s/pdif 1 & 2 effects grouping on.

    Yes, I am looking for effects that have been put on the individual HD buses that arent' showing up on the board. The only thing showing up is the HD Dverb as an 'overlay' on pots 1 & 2.

    In general, the question is this......what is the proper way to route my tracks from my HD session thru the 002 rack to the GB 8 analog board, so as to keep my effects intact?...How exactly should the connection be made?..
  5. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    I know what spdf is

    for the 002 and 003 spdf would probably default to 1 and 2
    but you said 7 and 8

    you keep referring to HD ... ProTools HD ?

    to take an HD session to the 002 you will need to use the routing control panel and a knowledge of how to use the I/O you have
    the 002 has 8 analogs in and out

    unless you have a lightpipe and an spdf to analog converter then you will have to squise the mix into the analog outputs you have

    there is no proper way to route tracks
    and you refer to effects but haven't said if they are plug-ins or hardware
  6. natural

    natural Active Member

    Yeah, there's a lot of info missing from your question.
    But your underlying problem is a common one when moving sessions from one set up to another.
    As mentioned above, the way you have your I/O's set up is different than the way the other studio has theirs set up.
    Short answer, you'll usually have to rework how things are bused at the new studio. It's sometimes a slow tedious process but there's usually no quick and easy work around.
    In the future, if you're going to be using this same studio, you should take some notes and then work your sessions in a way that can easily be transfered.
  7. natural

    natural Active Member

    After re-reading your posts, I have a question.
    Are we all on the same page regarding that Spdif is a stereo only output (typically only outputs 1/2 )meaning that you can only send 2 separate tracks or a stereo mix out where as Lightpipe is an 8 channel output?
  8. pmolsonmus

    pmolsonmus Well-Known Member

    Light pipe is different than Sp/Dif is also different than a XLR - AESBU connection. All carry digital info.

    Light pipe a.k.a.(sometimes) ADAT is an optical digital interface that carries up to 8 channels in/out of digital info.

    AESBU is a digital connection that uses and XLR type connection. Sony/Phillips Digital connections(Sp/dif) uses an RCA type connection but requires a different cable than your run-of-the-mill RCA stereo connection. They usually (at least all I'm familiar with) have gold connections, a heavier gauge cable and are labled as digital. is your set up hooked up?

    I also believe when you power up PT it asks you if you want to use last set up. I believe the newer version will also allow you to import your input/output from the session (correct me if I'm wrong). At the very least you can save input/output info. BUT, that doesn't mean that your hardware is ready to receive the info in the manner that you're sending it.

    While we're on the subject of sp/dif, can anyone tell me why they use the red and white connections? This traditionally corresponds to L and R out or L and R in, when red and white are usually stereo in/stereo out on a spdif. Always puzzled. :-?
  9. Bleu

    Bleu Guest

    Thanks Natural & pmolsonmus for your informative comments.


    In reference to (1) "you keep referring to HD ... ProTools HD?" my initial post I stated: "I am tracking on PT's HD with version 6.9.2".

    In reference to (2) "and you refer to effects but haven't said if they are plug-ins or hardware" my initial post I stated: "I bus my p/ins on auxes 1 & 2 in my mixes".

    The lightpipe and an spdf to analog converter suggestion is similar to one I received on another forum. I appreciate the suggestion.
  10. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    if you have confused " p/ins on auxes 1 & 2 in my mixes "
    with the main stereo 1 and 2

    then I'm not surprised
    " while the effects comes out 1 & 2 as an 'overlay' across all tracks. "

    "if we have guitars to spdif 7 & 8, & they are bused 1 & 2 on my PT's session, on the board the clean guitar comes out on 7 & 8 "

    on the 002 system there probably isn't an sdpf 7/8
    and the guitars would probably go to the analog or adat 7/8

    you need to remap the session into the I/O you do have on the 002

    if the HD system you have tracked on has a great deal of hardware I/O then you will have trouble going to the LE systems

    I own HD and 001 systems
    when I translate to a 001 I usually set up a session on just ONE 96io and get a basic mix
    probably just using the stereo output
    and restrict the number of plugs and buses
    the when it loads in LE

    you should hear your mix
  11. Bleu

    Bleu Guest

    Thanx VERY much Kev~!!......even before I am able to try it out, what you said about re-mapping the session in the 002's I/O makes perfect sense~!

    I will also try the ONE 96io setup as well.

    I appreciate your help.

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