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Pulsating Synth Sounds

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Dave Nyberg, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Dave Nyberg

    Dave Nyberg Guest

    How come that many synths produce a pulsating sound when you strike a chord and other don't. It's hard to describe but on many hardware and software synths if you strike a triad chord (or any other) you get a pulsating, wobbling sound. There are also many synths which don't have this. I know it has something to do with synced osc's or the lack thereof. Any idea's?
  2. Mario-C.

    Mario-C. Active Member

    it could be many different things, do you mean a synth with just one osc turned on ?
    'cause it could be detuning, LFO's, etc...
  3. Dave Nyberg

    Dave Nyberg Guest

    No i mean just a synth with one or 2 oscs, that doesn't matter. It's when you play a chord that's when the wobbling starts. Well, it's not as bad as i make it sound but a subtle pulsating noise comes from some and from others it doesn't. It's not LFO or something. I have tested it with various hardware and software synths and i als have some other ppl test it so it's safe to say that most synths do it.

    Just load a softsynth or a hardware synth and play C triad with a clean saw wave and you'll probably hear what i mean :)
  4. freaky

    freaky Guest

    A lot of the VA synths have a built in "oscilator drift" feature to simulate unstable analogs. Maybe this is what you're hearing? I guess this really wouldn't be the case with soft synths, but maybe the synth isn't properly tuned? I'll try the clean saw thing tomorow on a couple of my boards and see if I can hear this...
  5. Dave Nyberg

    Dave Nyberg Guest

    These softsynths are tuned the way they should. I think it's just a natural thing. I know of the oscillator drift thing but this isn't the case with the synths i try it with. They have user definable osc drift but this was shut off.

    I tested it with various softsynths and various hardware synths and they all do it. I even got some guys to also test it on their synths and they confirmed it too.
  6. Mario-C.

    Mario-C. Active Member

    it could be the evils of equal temperament, since nothing is perfectly in tune, did you try a major traid using pure tuning ?

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