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  1. are these two really equals? someone told me that the specs were very similar and that when you are buying crown you are buying the name. we are comparing macro-tech and RMX here i suppose. i noticed the top QSC 5000 SV or whatever is 3RU as opposed to crown which is 2, any significance?
  2. sheet

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    Crown and QSC are interchangeable in some lines.

    You cannot compare a Macro Tech with RMX. RMX is entry level. Macro Tech was Crowns former top of the line amp.

    You have to compare similar amp topologies in their power class.

    Both manufacturers make amps for a price point, and then they make the serious tour grade stuff. Any two amps that are working properly, under the same load, should sound pretty close. What you are hoping to buy is reliability. Both are great. Both have had excellent service.

    I can speak for Crown outright replacing amps with issues, no questions asked.

    As for paying for a name...well I hope I AM paying for a name. A name that represents a company with excellent engineering, excellent manufacturing, excellent support, and looooong warranties. I want a name that my clientele will pay to rent without thinking twice. Crown and QSC are at the top of that name list.

    Your friend has no idea what he is talking about.
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    i have had and do at this time own both brands and have worked on the in the shop as well ... it took me a while to understand and appreciate the grounded bridge desing of crown but they're way cool... and he's right dont confuse the rmx's with a macro tech...
  4. Davedog

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    In the old days, Crown was considered one of the most elite power amps on the earth. And for good reason. While very very conservative in the output ratings, the power curve throughout the entire frequency range was incredible. There simply werent any holes and this allowed ALL the musical nuances to translate completely in especially well designed speaker systems and such. I remember hearing, for the first time, a Westlake Audio tri-amped soffitt-mounted monitor system in a good control room. All Crown....DC300, D150, D75....thats a total of 270 watts per side...make your hair stand straight back and not a smidgeon of distortion. None.

    I've have owned many Crowns over the years. And have owned several QSC amps. Both are as was said....bulletproof. I had a DC300 down to half an ohm with lots of fans and it never gave a whimper.

    My son uses a newer one for playback when he shoots videos. Its a CE1000 and has a crapload of headroom and power and a great tone too.

    As the really old audiofile type repair guys used to say about em.....Crown, voltage in = voltage out.
  5. some people use crown for more "hifi" applications, but can you say the same about QSC or no?

    and either way, PLX then we'll be what is referred to
  6. HansAm

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    about 10 years ago i hoocked a CD-player directly to a crown microtech 2400 amp and used the gain as volumcontrol.

    My hifi have NEVER played that well, before or since.

    That experiment bought Crown a place in my heart ;)
  7. sheet

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    PLX's are not my first choice for QSC amps. They definately cannot hold a candle to any Macro or Micro Tech.

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