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quad eight schematics?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair Modifications DIY' started by soundguy, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. soundguy

    soundguy Guest

    Im looking for a schematic for a quad eight CA 127. Anybody gots? Im looking to turn these amps into mic pres, has anyone done this? Suggestions on a decent mic transformer? Im sure jensen makes something that will work, but wondering if sowter or lundahl might have one that will work.


  2. This might be up your street Dave.
    Silonex Inc.
    Then again....maybe not.

  3. Viitalahde

    Viitalahde Guest

    I have a schematic for CA27.. The PCB (I have the card, too) has extra holes for components, so it might be the 127 is related to the 27..? It'll take some time to scan it though.

  4. soundguy

    soundguy Guest

    I definitley need some info on the CA27 cards. I have some that are fully populated and they appear to be a dual amp design, transformerless. are there any QE experts online? Id love to know what these were used for in the consoles. Im in the process of building an 8x2 mixer out of CA127 amps, but am trying to figure out whether or not these could work in a design.



  5. Viitalahde

    Viitalahde Guest

    If you can wait for a couple of weeks I'll get'em scanned for you - all of you. Just tried them for the first time last week. Sounded great!

  6. Gold

    Gold Active Member

    I have a few mic transformers from some QE 312's that I'm not using. I'm in NYC so drop me a line. plush at att.net
  7. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    I've got a 310 EQ - anyone see a schematic for it around??

  8. ggoerss

    ggoerss Guest

    ive got a schematic for a ca-127 if anyone wants it just let me know and i`ll scan it
  9. ggoerss

    ggoerss Guest

    just found the schematic for the 310 eq section as well if anyone needs it
  10. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    Hey George;

    I'd love a copy of the QUad 8 310 schematic - I just got one recently and was looking to start racking it sometime in August....

    If possible could you email it to stumbler@rogers.com

  11. ggoerss

    ggoerss Guest

    will scan these in next couple of days and send them out forthwith.
  12. B3Groover

    B3Groover Guest

    I need a CA127 schematic as well. Any suggestions on the input tranny?
  13. ciminosound

    ciminosound Guest

    Everything from Q8 wasn't different. They used discrete op amps in most of the circuits. The AM4 as used in the 300 series and the AM10 as used in the 700 series. The CA stuff I've seen seems to be the AM10 op amp... Like you can use the 990 in different circuits or the API2520 in different circuits, like a mic pre or the API compressor, or the API EQ or the latter Pultec EQ for a gain make-up instead of the tube circuit....

    Repeat silly.gif

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  14. hernansound

    hernansound Member

    Hello! ciruit diagram

    Would you please send the ciruit diagram to my email? I just bought 2 MM310 preamp-eq unracked

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