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Quad Tech Studios in Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by jagsound, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. jagsound

    jagsound Active Member

    Has anyone in this group either worked for or at Quad Tech Studios in Los Angeles . It was open until the early 90's.The owner was Hank Waring.
  2. esessions

    esessions Member

    quad studios

    The Studio is Quad Teck not Quad Tech. It was located at 4007 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, California 90020. It featured "computerized mixing". Must mean they had automated faders. I am remastering a recording from the studio by gospel singer Shirley Caesar.

    Brad Matala
    Essential Sessions Studios
    Essential Sessions Studios
  3. jagsound

    jagsound Active Member

    An english major Huh.
    Anyway,I was just curious if anyone remembered the place .I worked there for three years.Ah,the art of disc mastering,an era lost.
    Back in the mid 80's there were no computers there at all just a crazy mad scientist of an owner but we did cut some pretty cool demos for Mic Fleetwood's Zoo and LOTS of Armenian albums.
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  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Cool. I'd love to hear some old analog memories and stories of those days. Please stick around and share some of your experiences...
  5. jagsound

    jagsound Active Member

    Did you work in the industry in the early days?
  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Not in your area, but its my 34th year. The last 12 years I have been running this site and paying attention to who comes and goes, things developing and how the business is changing. I'm particularly interested in how analog is finding its way back via hybrid DAW . The early 90 the old and big studios were very adamant about not using plug-ins and keeping their hardware. Late 90's seem to be the turning point to this and when the majority made the big step to ITB. Seems we have come full circle and now the blending of both, hybrid is evolving and the project studios are finally separating away from pro.

    When you mentioned Mic Fleetwood a warm feeling of the old days gave me a smile.

    Some of us remember splicing tape and being so proud getting it at the right spot. Tape bleed and that but it was still fat.
  7. jagsound

    jagsound Active Member

    How many kids/engineers today would know how to get a backwards high hat sound when you cant just reverse the wave form or hit a program. I have heard from guys who never worked with analog and tape that it all seemed like a waste of time doing all that crap but that crap is what made it an art.Now it is way more technical.
  8. BobBrown

    BobBrown Member

    Lots of Armenian Albums - I w

    I worked there in the early 80's a did a lot of Armenian albums as well as Barry Goldberg's theme for the Gladys Knight tv show, Valerie Carter among others. Totally analog, but the mastering labs is where the mad scientist (Hank) started perfecting his FDS sound processing
  9. James

    James Active Member

    Hello, I'm new here, but I was doing some searching on the net on some places I new of back in my career as a musician, and came across this thread. Back in the early 80s I was in a band with "THE MAD SCIENTISTS'" Hank Warings' son, Roger Waring. That's a story that's crazy in it's self, anyways... I remember visiting Quad Teck studios on 6th St. my drummer and I were granted limited access to one of their studios, and they were mastering one of Fleetwood Macs' Albums'. Don't remember which one, but I do remember the entire place was bigger than life, the whole place I think was a city block! If anybody takes an interest in this post i.e. "jagsound" and wants to hear a weird story as to my conection to "The Mad Scientist" then reply to this post.
  10. jagsound

    jagsound Active Member

    Hey James,I never heard of the "Mad Scientists" but I knew Hank very well ( he was a MAD SCIENTIST), hung out with him and all the QuadTeck people on his boat often.
    The album being worked on was not FleetWood Mac but it was Mick Fleetwood's solo band the ZOO, almost Fleetwood mac.
    I worked there for 3 years , as you can imagine in the 80's recording studios in LA there were many interesting stories flying around and many interesting folks.
    Did you cut any tracks there or just hang out?
  11. James

    James Active Member

    Wow, quick response to my post. Well, I just hung out there for about 10 mins. I think I was about 18 or 19 yrs. old. The Mad Scientist, was the reference to your first post back in 2011. The real/only relationship I have with the studio is... I was in a band with his son, Roger Waring. You probably did even know he had a son back then, because they weren't speaking at the time. Something went on between them that was "Taboo" I don't know. (I'm sure your scratching your head on that one) I've heard about the boat, and its luxury, I hear it was Bad to the bone. The whole story is one of many I'm going to include in my Book/autobiography. lol So with that said, I noticed your only 51, and I just turned 50. So close in age, I wonder if our paths have crossed in the past? In the 80s & 90s I was in various Metal bands here in the southland. Would like to converse more on our history, and as to not take up space in this forum, you could correspond through my email, lesdavidson_1999@hotmail.com talk to ya later your friend James
  12. My dad and a lot of his musician friends would always record down there! I'm Armenian by the way. I just love hearing the stories from the good old days!
  13. jagsound

    jagsound Active Member

    hey there.
    I know this is an old post but I just now noticed it. I am sure that I worked with your dad back at Quad Teck studios, I worked on most of the Armenian sessions. Was he in the band or was he a singer? We would record many different albums with different singers but they would all use the same back up band.

    Happy New year

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