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Question about fixing old recording

Discussion in 'Recording' started by TimPiazza, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. TimPiazza

    TimPiazza Guest

    Okay, since I've already labeled myself as a member of the over 40 crowd, I guess I don't have anything to hide. I have a recording that I made in the late '70's--okay, a bootleg--of a David Bromberg show, that I've dug out of storage and want to preserve. Here's the deal. It was recorded on cassette, from the projection booth in a large box of an auditorium. Everything that comes to the mic, comes to it twice, with a distinct echo.

    Is it reasonable to assume that if I took a copy of the original signal, phase inverted it, dropped the level, eq'ed it and offset the start point to match the delay, that I could effectively cancel out enough of this echo to make the recording more pleasing? Or would you just leave it as is because the results won't be worth the trouble, and call it an artifact of the time and place--a souviner, if you will?


  2. David French

    David French Well-Known Member


    I have tried similar things in the past, and they have never worked. I'd be surprised if you could get even a small improvement, unless you were somehow able to come up with the exact eq curve that would compensate for the uneven absorbtion of the walls of this auditorium. Even then, the envelope of the sound would likely be much different.

    I am from Southern Indiana also... Evansville originally. What's your city?
  3. Paladyne

    Paladyne Guest

    getting time based fx out of a final mix is just about impossible. Its like trying to get the eggs out of a cake once you have baked it. IF their is a cure I sure as hell would like to hear it, I have a grateful dead tape I would love to clean up.
  4. TimPiazza

    TimPiazza Guest

    Thanks, guys. I had guessed that I would be wasting my time, other than the simple education process that I need to go through to learn my new software tools. I started running DP4 a couple months ago, and it's a huge leap forward from my old tools.

    David, I'm in Evansville--been here for almost 7 years, after spending time in Denver, Boston and various parts of NY. It's a different pace, and I like the sense of security--almost like living in Canada.

    Been trying to stir up an acoustic music scene here, with some limited success. There are lots of opportunities for cultural growth and expansion in E'ville.

  5. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Tim, that's awesome! I can't believe I've met another person from my hometown on here! You gotta enable private messages in your profile so we can talk!

    Guess you don't live anywhere near the corner of Kentucky and Covert ave!
  6. TimPiazza

    TimPiazza Guest

    Nope, but I did want to buy a totally cool craftsman bungalow on Parrot St. except my "ex" didn't want to live next to a crack house. :)

    Oh, yeah. I turned on the private messaging thing.

  7. Chance

    Chance Guest

    WOW Evansvill ind.
    Back in the 70's I played "The Beer Garden " out there. But I love So. Cal. it's about 80 degrees here in Anaheim
  8. TimPiazza

    TimPiazza Guest

    Yeah, rub it in. :D I know all about the left coast. I used to teach in LA and I still get out there once in a while for grins. But if I have to do the left coast, I prefer S.F. all the stress but twice the fun. :tu: At least we're not in Maine, where it's sub zero.

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