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question about video monitors

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by MDCodeRed, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. MDCodeRed

    MDCodeRed Guest

    I'm trying to decide on dual video monitors for my home studio. Does anyone have any advise? I found this one on Best Buy.com. Here are the specs. The price is $399... pretty cheap considering other monitors of the same size. Just wondering if anyone can give me a little help.

    Samsung SyncMaster 22" Widescreen Flat-Panel TFT-LCD Monitor

    Model: 225BW

    View high-definition digital photos and video clips on this 22" monitor that features 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution and a flat-panel design that can be easily mounted on your wall (with VESA wall mounting kit, not included).

    Ultrafast 5 ms response time
    700:1 contrast ratio; 280 cd/m² brightness
    1680 x 1050 maximum resolution
  2. DIGIT

    DIGIT Guest

    I will offer this:

    WIDE screens provide a smaller viewing because as you know monitors are measured diagnonally. So, your VERTICAL space will be reduced. Personally, I prefer to use 4:3 instead of 16:9.

    Having said that, look at the RESPONSE TIME and make sure it's 8ms or LESS. When you scroll music/waves, etc... a slower response time will make for a very obnoxious viewing, very distracting.

    You can find excellent 19" LCDs with all the necessary specs for less than $200 each if you shop around.

    I only use a wide screen for motion picture playback if I am scoring because it looks good...and it impresses directors :)
  3. cfaalm

    cfaalm Active Member

    Your specs look OK. I would however prefer to buy those in a real store (i.e. not a webstore) because you'll have the chance to see them at work e.g. horizontal scrolling and make sure you have zero dead pixels.

    Most 19" screens will "only" offer a bigger dotpitch over 17" on the same old 1280x1024 pixels.

    My 17" 710Ns have a dotpitch of 0,264 and a comparable 19" like the 920N has 0,294. So the 225BW is in between at a dotpitch of 0,282.

    How far are you from your screens? A big dotpitch will allow a bigger distance and enhance readability.

    I do not agree with DIGIT on the "smaller viewing" remark. Especially if you can flip the screen to vertical view. Besides, 1680 x 1050 is still more display real estate than 1280 x 1024 in any way you look at it. It's just that you don't have the luxury of placing them as far away as you could with a 19", though it is still a bit more than a regular 17".

    You plan to have two of those? :cool:
  4. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    I prefer multiple monitors

    I think it aids workflow and the max-min window is so quick.
    Forever resizing and repositioning a window as programs are launched is a pain and you never seem to be satisfied.

    so if you need more area,
    keep 'em cheap and just get more of 'em

    Triple screens for me

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