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Discussion in 'Recording' started by ametth, Apr 5, 2001.

  1. ametth

    ametth Guest

    can the Radar really access up to 36,000 GB of hard disk storage?? Thats an awful lot. Was this tested? How?
  2. Hi ametth,

    Because of RADAR 24's flexible internal architecture it can access up to 36 terabytes of storage. Other HDRs, because of hard-wired architecture have limits that are WAYYYYYY lower, perhaps as low as 36 GB. No, this amount has never been tested.

    Paul Dirks
    iZ Technology
  3. ametth

    ametth Guest

    I was just reading your website and that made me take a double look. So in theory it's possible, but you dont know for sure. Should you be making that claim? Thanks for the info Paul!

  4. The idea is that RADAR's upper limit for storage is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And it is a distinguishing feature as many of our competitors top out at around 36 Gb.

  5. ametth

    ametth Guest

    So what is the most that you guys have tested?
  6. In a couple weeks we'll be testing 600 GB!!

    Stay tuned...

  7. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    I'm still waiting to find out how long it takes to back up a 5 minute song.

    600GB, gee, how long will it take to back that up?
  8. It takes 15 minutes to back up a 5 minute song using a 2X DVD backup drive, which is pretty much standard on R24.

  9. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    Ok, thanks.
  10. Originally posted by Paul, iZ Technology:
    It takes 15 minutes to back up a 5 minute song using a 2X DVD backup drive, which is pretty much standard on R24.

    I will assume that is DVD-RAM? Is it feasible that in the near future that might be a DVD-RW drive (like the one that is currently - as far as I know - only in the Mac and in a Panasonic DVD recorder which may only be available in Japan)?

    If so (not personally knowing the differences of the formats as far as speed) I wonder if that would be a good move? I have to assume that DVD-RW media would be less than DVD-RAM media, but either way, considering *what* is being backed up in terms of work involved, being able to back up in any way in a reasonable amount of time is great.
  11. Hello,

    Currently we do use DVDRAM. When we look at future formats we are always concerned about backwards compatibility and the improvements the new device offers. Suffice to say that we are looking at DVD-R. (Its not rewritable currently)



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