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questions about scratch tracks and an interface for them

Discussion in 'Recording' started by hithere, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. hithere

    hithere Active Member

    hey guys I record and write everything myself, so have been trying to get into some recording stuff forever.

    I have a lot of decent knowledge, used a firebox awhile back but, for school around a year away I will be given an mbox.

    Everyone recommends the duet for people like me doing no more than 2 tracks at a time, the most I would do is singing/playing the rhythm instrument at the same time.

    After a lot of research I realized it'd be good to be able to do almost scratch tracks for everything to a click, so that my studio visits would be me basically playing to stuff that is already there, with better equipment/technique/perfection standards.

    Right now I don't have a ton of money, plus I will be getting an mbox anyway, I was thinking of getting an interface that I might be able to sell back on ebay for cheap.

    I just want scratch tracks using my sm57.

    A firebox is a lot less steep than the duet but many say that the preamps dont have enough gain/hiss problems which would be my one requirement not to have.

    I am trying to pick up an enteral hardrive too, and a cheap bass (I am lefty can't borrow) so I can write, and have my bass players and their quality basses do the good tracks in studio.

    So since apogee is held higher than the firebox/inspire with most, the new ONE is interesting, especially the built in mic, figure for someone like me who isn't looking for anything but a "good" sound for fast creativity and tracking anywhere, but of course it is one input. Thus even for a scratch track, having say your acoustic and vocals tracked at one time can be nice.

    so really I just need something that works well enough, people keep pointing me towards the more expensive duet, and I don't know if I need something great for my scratch tracks....
  2. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    If the tracks are truly going to be "scratch," they are never going to make it to the final mix. So it doesn't matter what the quality is (within reason). I don't really know much about you, but one really good strategy is to keep recording simple and inexpensive and put the bulk of your effort and money into learning to make music. A few things in your post give me hints that you might benefit from that.
  3. hithere

    hithere Active Member

    hey thanks for the reply, I have been writing and recording my own music myself for 13 years and am soon going to Berklee College of music to learn more.

    My real question though was to get quality within reason. I say this because I have to write everything and record it myself. it would be easier for my creative process to be at home on my new mac, and my simple tracking work where every part is confirmed to be done at a studio.

    This way it would be a lot easier for me, as I often find going into the studio by myself can be overwhelming without direction and am interested on having almost every track completed so they can simply be played over.

    I have forever been using stand alone digital recorders, and I am just doubtful that I need something as expensive as the duet for my needs.
  4. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    You need to distinguish (in your own mind at least) between tracks that are truly "scratch" and will be discarded and replaced with tracks recorded with better equipment and serious home recording. Serious home recording is a lot more expensive than recording scratch tracks.
  5. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Unless you have had a seriously good teacher, you will learn more at Berkeley in 6 months than you have on your own the last 13 years.
  6. hithere

    hithere Active Member

    hey Jack you have been very helpful to me here and you are definitely right about how much I will learn.

    my needs though changed though from really needing a nice home setup to a scratch studio, and I am not doing any real serious home recording or even mixing.

    I just want to have calculated parts to play over with my good guitars/mic'd tube amps, real not digital grand pianos/good bass amps etc when I track at the studio for real.

    as I said it just for me gets a little daunting having to do everything yourself so it's easy to get lost in the studio.

    and Bob sorry didn't mean to come off like a know it all or anything, but if anything I am lot better at the music part than the recording part.

    Don't want to totally discount myself, I did really get into school on a recording project that I did a lot at home, and had mixed at a studio (drums done there too).

    but as you said, I want a a good not serious home recording setup, more of a good quick idea/scratch workbase to work (I usually may only start with one part, maybe a vocal and acoustic, and have to add and record and try from there, so my 8 track isn't that friendly, when it needs to be exported to the computer.)

    that's why I wonder if the apogee is a little bit too much for scratch tracks, because I have heard their samples and they are very nice.
  7. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    You have to assign the minimum quality level and price threshold. No one can really do that for you.

    That said, for less money than the Apogee Duet I would buy the TC Electronics Konnekt 8 or Konnekt 24D. That's as cheap as I personally go.
  8. hithere

    hithere Active Member

    I actually really excited about the concept of the new Apogee ONE with the built in condenser. The demo they put of most of the recording being done with it is impressive, and it will be 250, so I am going to be looking out for that.

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