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Questions about the Lynx Aurora 16?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by atl123, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. atl123

    atl123 Guest

    I am interested in the Lynx Aurora because of all the good reviews I hear about it. I am use to using the Presonus products and do not understand some things about the Aurora 16.

    1. How does the Aurora 16 connect to your studio monitors? There is no main stereo out like I am use to seeing with the Presonus products.

    2. Do you use the cables that Lynx sells for connecting your preamp xlr outputs to the D pin type connectors on the back of the Aurora?

    3. I don't really use any outboard gear and prefer to mix in the box. But if I wanted to, how would that be possible with this interface.

    I really wish that Lynx would post a sample studio diagram using their Aurora products with an interface card.
  2. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    Its a 16 channel ADC and DAC. YOu would need 16 preamps before it. It can talk to your PC via AES, HD(protools), ADAT optical, or Firewire.

    To can use 2 of the 16 output to send to monitor controller and then to your monitors, this could be a simple as your mixer.

    The 25 pin D sub connection is a Tascam(?) standard connector, you pick up 8 channel XLR to 25pin Dsub snakes at most music stores. yes that is how you bring your mic pre outputs into the ADC.

    To use it to send 16 tracks our to your mixer you use the D sub outputs with another 2 cables to your mixer inputs.

    You can find the manual here:
  3. atl123

    atl123 Guest

    So by your comments, I guess you can manually set the 16 analog outputs in software (through the DAW). If that is the case, then that makes a lot of sense and I think I understand how this whole setup operates much better now.

    Still have a few more questions:

    1. For setups like this, do most people use a mixing board as a "monitor controller"? It seems like there is a possibilty for some signal degradation here if you are using a low quality preamp for the stereo output to your monitors.

    2. Since I would not be using any outboard equipment at the time is there anything real useful to do with the other 14 outputs?

    3. On another note, what options are there for cost effective 8 channel mic preamps.

    4. One more thing. On the analog output (main stereo out of the Aurora), is it at line level? Do you need to run it through a preamp? I was wondering if you could run it through something like the stereo return of a A&H mixwiz at line level, or if you needed to run it through the preamps (I wouldn't think you needed too).
  4. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    1) Yes some do. I don't. Hows that for answer:)
    2)External gear you want to use within your daw.
    3)Yes- What are you looking for sound wise?
    4) Line level.

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