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Rack 'em...

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Doc@BeefyTreats.com, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Sebatron,
    So... I am taking the plunge and buying one of your 2000e preamps from Chris (cue clapping, cheering, confetti). My question is this- I noticed the 4000e Chris lent me got pretty hot after being on for a couple of hours, so when I rack up the 2000e should I leave a space between it and my other gear? David
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Hey Doc,
    My vmp 4000 hardley gets warm to the touch. I keep it (as I do all tube gear) in a rack with one space open above and below it. Anyhow, my vmp 4000 stays pretty cool to the touch even after being run all day. Now my Manley EL OP is another story!
  3. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    Firstly , congratulations Doc on your well thought out purchase….

    Secondly being a vmp-2000e , the unit should put out far less heat …. obviously because it’s essentially half the circuitry of the 4000e . so I don’t think you need to worry at all.
    Much of the heat is the by-product of all the class ‘a’ circuitry in the unit and I guess for proper stability and performance it is recommended to have at least a small amount of air flow and spacing around the unit.

    In short , the vmp series of preamps were also designed as foot warmers. :D
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hey Doc, welcome to the world of Sebatron!

    I just received this from Sebatron:

    Now that's what I call service!

    Thanks for the business Doc!
  5. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Yep! The Sebatron thing is starting to create the buzz I knew it would the first time I heard one! Despite all the nay sayers who made disparaging comments for self serving reasons, regarding my rave review of the piece I received the few who took the chance and checked one out are now being rewarded with the best sounding pre amplification possible at affordable prices!

    I recived a ton of flack for saying the vmp pre was so good. I personally suspect that much of it was from individuals who were "shilling" for manufacturers of rack crap or dealers who for one reason or another couldn't get their hands on a Sebatron. But that's ok, I knew these things were good and it was only a matter of time before they caught on!

    Having been vindicated in my opinion of the vmp 4000, I can only say that these wonderful pre amps will become a studio standard, destined to command higher and higher prices as the dealer network begins to take over and supplant the direct marketing that is now in place by Sebatron. I would encourage all who wish to get a great price on Sebatron gear to “move before they raise the parking rates” as the Paul Rogers song says!

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