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radeon 9200 incompatible w/ XP sp1?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by bossa, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. bossa

    bossa Active Member

    Anyone heard about this? Evidently the video card is incompatible and I have to buy XP SP2 to get my system to work. Problem is, this is the initial boot up of my first built PC, and I don't know what to think. Maybe it's better to try a diffrent Video card? Anyone know a good one that'll work with SP1? Asus A7V600-x and AMD 2500+.

  2. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    I find that extremely strange. Where did you learn this?

    I've personally built many DAW PC's with Radeon 9200 AGP cards and installed Win XP SP1 without an apparent problem.
  3. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    Maybe try a n NVidia GPU based card like the FX5200 or FX5500 ect ect ect....
  4. bossa

    bossa Active Member

    That's good to know. I picked up on an obscure thread that refered me to Microsofts site where they confirmed sp1 incompatibility with radeon. I see everyone using them together though.
    here's my problem. Let me explain a bit better. I am trying to boot up the system for the first time. The XP Home OS won't install. I tried changing hard drives. When setting up the BIOS I got a hardware error which I couldn't trace. So I stuck the Windows CD in the CD ROM to continue booting and it gets half way through the install onto the C: drive and gives me the blues screen :smirk: with a message saying it is stopping Windows to protect the computer. The fans seem to run OK and the temp stays at around 42c (Zalman CU cooler running ok, chasis fan running at 1200RPM)). So I have not actually got as far as installing anything but XP, and that only halfway, but the Hard drive has formatted with one large partition (NTFS). The first hardware error read

    Hardware monitor found an error. Enter power setup menu for details. Call to int 0x21, 0x440d 0x60, failed error 0f.

    I have checked and rechecked the setup menu and the BIOS and everything seems OK to my inexperienced eye.The second message I get when trying to install XP is

    stop: 0x00000024 (0x001902FA, 0xF73B5234, 0xF73B4F34, 0x008022Cp

    I have Googled these errors but it hasn't shed much light on them. I can run chkdsk from the BIOS setup and the Hard drive is ok. Do I need to install from a floppy?

    Asus A7V600-X
    AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton
    2x 512 Kingston Ram
    2x WD 80G IDE
    Adaptec Fireconnect 4300
    Liteon CDRW 52x32x
    (no floppy drive)
    XP Home sp1

    Thanks for your help,

  5. bossa

    bossa Active Member

    Has anyone ever booted up without a floppy drive during the initial installation and setup of their system?

  6. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    I don't know where that info on Microsofts site came from but it's pure bulls**t. There is no problem with any ATI product and SP1. Sounds to me like n'Vidia might be behind that rumor.

    Anyway, I checked on your problem some more and I found this thread,


    The last post has a similar setup to yours. I really think if you follow my advice in your previous thread it should fix the problem. I really think it lies with the fact that the partitions were setup with that Mobo CD and not XP.
  7. bossa

    bossa Active Member

    Hey Big D. Thanks for your help, but actually it does look like compatibilty with SP1 is an issue. This from a different forum...

    YEEEHAAWWW!! Allan, you are da Man!
    That did the trick. Fantastic. I set the AGP to 1x in the BIOS and the XP installed ok. So the problem was with the Radeon 9200se compatibilty with XP Home.
    Now, if I can only figure out what to do with the extra ram I ordered...oh I know, I'll see if I can make crucial work with kingston and have 1.5G's :grin:

    Wow...what a relief. I wonder if being a PC nut isn't some kind of sadomasochistic ritual. Sheer torure followed by great relief.

    Thank you thank you thank you,

    House of Bossa.
  8. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Hey Shaun, I'm glad the problem is solved but I'm curious as to what the actual problem is. If you could provide some more info on this it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe a link to the post you made on the other forum. This would help other users on this forum who may encounter the same problem.

    You said you dropped the AGP bus speed to 1X and then XP home installed. This sounds like an AGP bus timing issue with XP rather than an ATI issue. Is this supposed to be an issue with any ATI product, the 9200 series or just the 9200se. I have installed XP Home with a 9800 PRO, a 9600XT and a 9200 all with no issue. Can you now push your APG back up to 8X now that the install is done. Have you upgraded to the latest drivers on the 9200se and does that solve the problem. What version of Direct X are you running, the ATI drivers are certified for both 8 and 9. Have you taken XP to SP2 and does that allow the card to run at 8X.

    As I said above if you could answer some of these questions and maybe post a link to your other post we would all appreciate. Thank You
  9. bossa

    bossa Active Member

    Hi Don, it was just general advice from digidesign.com's forum. But I heard about it a couple of days ago and will try and track down where I saw it. I know there is something about it at Microsoft.com. I have reset the card to 8x in the BIOS and have not yet downloaded or installed updated drivers, and it seems to be running and rebooting ok so far. Mind you I'm not doing anythnig fancy with it, and probably won't, as it's for protools. So maybe it was just affecting the original XP install. You sound far more knowledgable about this stuff than me, so I am happy to bow to your wisdom. :)

    Just as an interesting footnote (or maybe not!), I traded the Kingston ram for some crucial and no longer get the original hardware error now. Even though XP now installs and boots up ok, I was still getting a hardware error message, which I could ignore by hitting F1.
    So it seems I had 2 problems...I guess there must be something to following manufacturers guidelines regarding RAM and mobo compatibility. :wink:

    Peace out,
  10. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Cool Shaun, Thanks for the update we appreciate the info. I will look into this further to see what I can dig up. If you should find any more info on this please post again. Thanks

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