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  1. cupwise

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    So I have an entry in the 2012 KVR Dev Challenge. Some people here might be familiar with my Nebula work, and this entry uses that tech in a standalone form known as Acqua (so you don't need Nebula). It's my first non-Nebula dependent anything, and when I actually first entered it into the contest there were several bugs, but I just uploaded an update that I think has ironed them out.

    Anyway, these effects were sampled from 2 old radios, one a transistor and the other a tube radio. There are 3 effects. 2 are geared towards distortion, the 3rd is more of a tone tool. You can see the entry and if you like it, vote here:
    [DLMURL="link removed KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2012[/DLMURL]

    If you haven't ever used Nebula or even Nebula free, or tried any of my free tube radio effects demos for use with Nebula, then now is a good chance to try something out that's a little different from any other vst stuff you have.
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    Can you make one that makes things sound as crappy as MP3s through cheap earbuds? I'd like to run all my stuff through that so the masses will better enjoy my music, and think it's worth stealing off the internet! diddlydoo
  3. cupwise

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    ha. so much in that comment i don't even know which direction to go with my reply.
    first of all- funny!
    2nd, i can't really tell if any of your comment is really suggesting that my effect ideas are comparable to your sarcastic suggestion. so i'll just say that, the idea behind them isn't so much to make stuff sound like it came off of a radio. it's to do cool sounding lo-fi effects. you can get really weird textures/distortions with the 'radio detuned' plug. probably nobody would hear it without knowing what you used, and say 'cool radio effect'. but they might say 'cool sound'.
    that's the hope anyway. lo-fi as an effect is a concept that's been around. now to address your fake recommendation, i think something like that would probably be possible but i doubt it would make anyone want your music.

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