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Rates for Audio Mixer

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Unregistered, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hi All,

    A quick question, I'm a filmmaker and I've called someone I used to work with previously about doing the audio mixing for my documentary film, about 60 minutes long. He said it would take 2-4 days to do the initial pass, to get a good stereo mix. Question is, he's asked what my budget is, and I don't really know what to expect - Clearly since we're friends he's willing to cut me some slack, but I don't want to quote something too low.

    Question- what would be a good "friend rate" that someone might expect for a job like this? 2 - 4 days, and this is in the NY area.



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