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Reason Adapted -- Oxygen 8 Problem

Discussion in 'Reason' started by McLaughlin, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. McLaughlin

    McLaughlin Active Member

    I've been running Reason pretty much only as a ReWire into Pro Tools. Anyway, I have Reason Adapted and an Oxygen 8. For some reason my Oxygen 8 (or Reason) is not allowing me to map my keys to any of the controls within Reason. I can play the instruments fine with the keyboard, but assigning the panpots to controls within Reason is not working. Basically all the guides I have looked up say to Command Click (or Control, I'm not in Reason right now so I forgot) on a control, then on the Edit MIDID Remote Mapping options click "Learn from MIDI". Then your supposed to just exercise the panpot you want to assign, and its done. However it doesnt learn from my MIDI when I use it.

    Anyone have any similar issues? Or a way to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  2. McLaughlin

    McLaughlin Active Member

    Nevermind, got it straightened out.

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