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Reason Redrum

Discussion in 'Reason' started by BigTrey, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. BigTrey

    BigTrey Active Member

    Hey Ro'ers, I have a quick question for anyone who uses Reason and knows the program well. What does it mean when the pattern bank lights up with a green square around it? I have never seen it do this before but I assume that it is something that I can use as far as programming longer patterns. If anyone knows what I am talking about please give me some insight. Thanks.
  2. audiofreqs

    audiofreqs Guest

    it means that automation has been applied to the pattern, i think!?!
  3. BigTrey

    BigTrey Active Member

    I figured that, that was what it meant, but how can I use automation of my patterns on a higher level when it comes to my drum patterns?
  4. schizojames

    schizojames Active Member

    It would take a couple of pages of typing to explain that properly. When I finally buckled down and broke out the PDF manual it only took a short time to absorb the instructions and test them out enough to become comfortable.
    In answer to "higher level," you can send drums all over the audio environment and spectra, bringing fills in and out of effects, and basically bring them to life. It's all about hours of experimentation and play.

    ...I don't think that really helped, but...meh.
  5. 0db

    0db Active Member

    Automation of redrum is very easy, once you have some patterns defined for each part of the song. Say you have 8 different patterns, form A1 to A8, simply right-click over the pattern selection buttons and press "edit automation". A yellow strip for automation appears on the bottom of the sequencer, and there, with the pencil tool, you just indicate wich pattern will play until you change it a few blocks ahead. First time you´ll be learning the trick, then....it´s a breeze.

    For a "real impact" drums, i would recomend these steps:

    1) do a basic drum setup in redrum, i use 2 redrums in my songs very often, one for drums and one for cymbals. Try to look for more real samples, not only the ones that comes with reason.

    2) Analize your song so you can assign different moods (intro, song, breaks, etc) into different patterns.

    3) Automate the patterns

    4) For best results, or more "real" feel, use 2 channels with the same snare with a little variation of pitch or velocity, and use them both (not at the same time, of course). You can use these trick to every piece of drum you can add more real feeling.

    5) Add some reverb directly to the redrum module (note that you have 2 aux sends on the module). It will help you have some effects where you need it.

    There are a lot of ways to get things done in reason, and everyone has its unique style to do it. Another tip: Open the demo songs that comes with reason and see how drums are sequenced. It will give you a good idea on how to start.

    Good Luck!

  6. BigTrey

    BigTrey Active Member

    Thanks fellows, I will look more intensively at the PDF manual and try some of the tricks that were mentioned here.
  7. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    When I got Reason, I got the tutorial CD too, best 30 bucks I've ever spent. It walks you through making a song from start to finish, using eveything in the program. I can't express how much this helped me to use it to it's full capacity.
  8. BigTrey

    BigTrey Active Member

    Thanks, McCheese I think I will pick up the Cd today, I think that's what I've been looking for.
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