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Recommend a Vocal Mic Please :)

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by wafuradio, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. wafuradio

    wafuradio Guest

    I am looking to make an upgrade from the current mic i am using for vocals... the Neumann TLM 103. I am looking for a significant change/upgrade. I have about $3000 to spend. I want the vocals to be warm, full and present...used mostly for pop, rock, and alternative music. i am using an avalon m5 mic pre recording into digital performer... can anyone recommend some mics to check out. thanks.
  2. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Check out the soundelux mics. The U99 is about $2500, the e47 about $3500 I would certainly buy one if I had $3000! The U195 is a great buy at $1150

  3. wafuradio

    wafuradio Guest

    cool, i will check it out. do you have any opinions on the u87ai or perhaps one of the blue mics?
  4. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    The U87ai is perhaps the most overrated mic in the Neumann galaxy.The older model ,the U87i is so much better its like night and day.That being said the 87 is perhaps the most popular mic as far as numbers in pro studios.All this means is they will work in most situations fairly well and have no real downside except that they arent a really amazing mic.The Soundelux U99 @ almost the same retail price,KILLS it as well as many other well known and well thought of mics.One of the best things about the Soundelux mics is their consistency throughout the entire line.I have heard from reliable sources that the Korby mics are good as well as the Lawsons.My money is on the Soundelux.You cannot go wrong with one of these.If you have the opportunity to try several different mics another to at least listen to would b the ADK Area51 Commemorative Edition...This mic is about half of the money you have to spend and the only reson I suggest it is because it really works quite well...and if you like it you have enough cash left for a Soundelux U195 or perhaps a nice Chandler mic pre or something.Its not a brand name kinda thing and if you need this for clients then go with what sells...but they are really good also.
  5. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Listen to dadog... he knows what he is talkin' 'bout...
  6. idiophone

    idiophone Guest

    I would really look hard at the BLUE stuff. I recently got the mouse, and it sounds terrific for not much money (1300-1400, I think). Also, people freak when they see it, and the vibe of it just makes them happy. Happiness=better takes. One girl said she felt like she was Billie Holliday just singing into it.
  7. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    I think the mouse was originally designed for voice overs... of course, there is no law that says you can't sing in it and if it sounds good... But I think that to equal the Sooundelux line you have to go up in price in the blue line... the cactis or the bottle would be nice...
  8. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    how about th blueberry and also now the bluebird
    Then theres the brauners also those are more money --
  9. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member

    Good luck on your search. There are several brands, and even more models, to choose from. Consider (in no particular order):

    Microtech Gefell

    1) Lawson - Gene Lawson makes some great mics. Recently, they made their mics modular. They make two capsules good for vocals uses (among other uses), one models after the 47 and the other is like the 251. The mic preamp body choices are FET or tube. A tube body with both capsules (47 and 251) are in your price range.

    2) Soundelux - Wonderful mics. Invariable praised. The U99 might just be the ticket.

    3) Microtech Gefell - Perhaps the most underrated (and unknown) high end mic maker. This (IMO) is the real Neumann company. Great choices here too. On the tube front, there's the 92.1S or the exquisite 900. These mics use the original M7 capsule - made in exactly the same way (and using the exact same materials) as the original M7 capsules used in the U47 and early M49s. The real thing. On the FET side, there's the 70S (3 pattern) and the 800 (5 pattern), some of the most versitile mics on the planet. Again, these FET mics use the same original M7 capsules.

    4) Neumann - the M149 is a great piece, worthy of consideration (even if it is made by the not-Neumann company - ha ha).

    5) Brauner - The VM1A receives great praise, although it may be out of your price range. Perhaps used.
  10. wafuradio

    wafuradio Guest

    this is all great info guys... thanks.
  11. missilanious

    missilanious Guest

    Did a vocal session with an Elux 251 (soundelux Ela M251). After using and hearing it, its the next mic I need (aside from a U87Ai, which i need for doing hiphop vocals), huge low end, airy top end. Lots of personality, puts up a huge image. I could also see it being great for a drum room mic, acostics, upright basses. Also used the iFet7 which is nice, and very versitile, though I'de much rather get a U99, U87Ai, ,or Elux 251 before hand. As for BLUE I've used all of there mics except for the Bottle, Baby Bottle, and starbird. The mouse was made for broadcast, not very intimate on vocals and doesn't have the BLUE presence like some of there other mics, though its good for backround vocals and great on upright basses. The Cactus is big, good low end, "milky" midrange, helps mellow out tracks, emphisises projection, airy extended top, (not hyped though) and also isn't sensitive to simbilance. That does mean its not as quick and intelligible as some othe mics on the BLUE line, and once again isn't as present as some of there other mics. When a really loud sound source hits it it sounds slighty compressed. Its a great mic on sung vocals, drum room, outer kick mic (not close miced), a secondary acostic mic (gets a great woody tone) and a great choice on sax. There Kiwi is great, big bass, flatter mids, presence boost. This mic is very good on vocals, and great on drum overheads. For what you said you need it for i would get the Cactus or Elux 251, more so the Elux 251.

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