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Recommendations needed!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by solis88, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. solis88

    solis88 Active Member

    Hey everyone I have been posting trying to found out info on a recording studio with no computer. I finally decided on going the computer route since it's cheaper and will give me waaay better results than the stuff I've been doing on the Boss BR-8 all in one porta studio. Well the question I have is this: What products and devices will I need to start off on a decent-sounding album? What I mean is, without the distortion (the BR-8 gave me the crappiest sound full of distortion and poor vocal quality no matter the compressor settings), with a clear definition of voice and instruments. I have a P4 Asus p48x motherboard, 512 ddr ram, a 2.56 ghz processor, a creative labs sound blaster extigy soundcard, and well a decent video card and other little tidbits.....Externally I have a shure sm94 condenser mic, a shure ksm32 condenser mic, a pair of some lower grade Edirol desktop studio monitors model-MA10D.

    So yeah I have about 1 thousand to spend on new equipment for a computer studio. I'm sure a compressor is needed....or is it? Distortion has been a huge pain in the ass vocally So if anyone has a list of a good start of devices to get a hold of I would appreciate it. Something I'd surely pass along as I get experience with it too. Thanks again!

  2. fontane

    fontane Guest

    if it was me and i had $1k to spend, UAD project card ($499) will get you extra dsp power without taxing your cpu and will provide you with some real nice vintage plug-ins ( http://www.uaudio.com/index.html )

    I would also buy more ram... you should at least run 1GB if not 2GB would be ideal... this should run you no more than $250 i believe depending on the type of ram you use...

    get rid of your sound blaster and pick up an RME card or for a little less maybe a M-Audio Audiophile (http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Audiophile192/ ) which will cost you $179

    you will even have a few dollars left :)

    UAD Project Card
    2 GB RAM
    Audiophile 24/96 Sound Card

    pretty decent upgrade for less than $1k i think

    if you order from http://www.sweetwater.com ask for Art Hill... no tax and free shipping :)

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