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recommended chipsets & mobos?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Penfold, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Penfold

    Penfold Guest

    Hi , been a while since i posted on here,

    I made a daw a year ago,

    AMD 3200 64bit
    K8V-X Mobo Via chipset, (which most of you said was garbage)
    1G Cosair Value Ram
    128 Ati Graphics Card
    2 Maxtor HDD 120G & 200G
    External DVD burner
    Emu 1820 Soundcard

    I'm not going to lie, it did not work nice at all with the 1820 but after a few days of tweaking and putting the pci card of the soundcard in the top pci slot it worked fine. very low latency almost zero and it never crashes.
    so i did good.

    NOW!! the next thing is i have been asked to make one for a friend, and his budget is slightly like how mine was NONE EXISTANT lol!!

    but i feel that its not impossible to make a decent daw, i just would like to avoid buying a mobo with a dodgy via chipset. even though mine works, i know now how to make it work. my friend would not. so i require something more rock solid and stable. so i dont mind it being intel or amd but it has to be good and reliable i read that the new nForce 4 is not quite up to standard? are the nForce 3's still out?

    I need help guys thanks.

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