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Recorded session at wrong sample rate

Discussion in 'Recording' started by miclevel, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. miclevel

    miclevel Guest

    I've received Pro Tools 7.1- 44.1khz sessions that were recorded at 48 khz using a mackie desk as the master clock.. As well the opposite way around. So if I don't have a clock to control it. it plays at slower or faster speeds.

    Is there anyway to fix this so the session sample rate matches the the clock I'm using.
    Hope I worded it right.
  2. yaoh_comeon

    yaoh_comeon Guest

    Dude.. U've made an error that should never happen in the future.. Coz now its only damage control..

    Heres what u can try.. Open a new session at 48k & the rite bit rate.. Use the Import session data function from the file -> import menu.. Import all the tracks from the original session that u got at 44.1k.. While u do that, uncheck the box that says "Apply SRC". Or another option is that u could keep it checked & select 44.1k as the source sample rate.. (I'd go with the 1st option)

    I havent really been in such a situation, but i guess this should work.. Lemme know how it goes..

  3. miclevel

    miclevel Guest

    Everything seems to be working. Appreciate it.
  4. yaoh_comeon

    yaoh_comeon Guest

    Which of the options did you use anyway??

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