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Recording bass w/ no amp or cheap amp

Discussion in 'Bass' started by ghostcrab, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. ghostcrab

    ghostcrab Guest

    (I have similar post in another forum, sorry to anyone that's read this twice :oops:)

    Been recording with Audigy2 Soundblaster card. Everything's been going smoothly until I went to add bass, and no I'm was stuck. Running the bass straight to the soundcard produced a very muddled sound with the low frequencies overwhelming the rest.

    I recently picked up a studio projects c1 and an m-audio audio buddy to serve as my phantom power supply & preamp. Will running the bass through the audio buddy to the soundcard help at all with the tone and sound? If not, could I do something similar that I'm doing with my guitar i.e. a Behringer bx-108 that has a line out? I think this might help since I'd have more freedom with EQ-ing. Is there any purpose to running the bass through an amp like the bx-108 and the preamp? Should I ever consider mic'ing the amp if it's something cheap like the bx-108? Anyone have good or bad feedback on the bx-108 or know a good alternative?

  2. mud5150

    mud5150 Guest

    Well the preamp should definately improve the quality of your sound somewhat, to get some more tone I would recommend a sansamp bass driver di. That should be a huge improvement on tone. Another problem you might run into is headroom. I've use my soundblaster at home when I have song ideas, biggest problem i have is the sound cards small amount of headroom. My solution was to run a compressor set to like 10:1 make sure and get the bass up were the comp is kicking good then slowly bring up the gain until my highest peaks are at -6 or so, but I play real heavy so that might just be my technique issue, but to improve you tone sansamp rocks
  3. ghostcrab

    ghostcrab Guest

    What exactly do you mean by 'headroom'? I'm new to this so bare with me :) Also, anything cheaper alternatives to the sansamp you can recommend? Thanks!

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