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Recording chamber music - trumpet and violin

Discussion in 'Brass' started by jcstites, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. jcstites

    jcstites Active Member

    I have been asked to help with a recording project and need some advice. The budget for equipment is $1000.

    The recording will be done in a medium size recital hall. I was thinking a pair of stereo mics in the hall, with a mic on each instrument.

    The m-audio fast track ultra looks like a good option with the 4 inputs to usb. A pair of Rode NT-5 mics for the room. But that only leaves a few hundred for the other microphones. Is it worth it to get some Nady ribbon microphones for the instruments? Would it be better to spend more on the instrument mics and get a cheaper pair of mics for the room?

    Let me know what you think I should do. Thanks.
  2. ampexguy

    ampexguy Active Member

    How many violins and how many trumpets? I'm finding it hard to imagine needing to use a microphone on each instrument. Unless it's a huge ensemble or they can't play and you have to fix everything in the mix, you probably don't need more than an ORTF array, which the Rodes you're considering (among many others) should do nicely. Just position them so that you get the balance of direct and hall sound that you want.
  3. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    +1 on what Howard wrote. You don't need to close mic at all. Use a stereo pair about 6-10 feet from the duo, higher than the performers pointed down toward them. If it's a concert then you'll have to make sure your stand is tall enough to get up there because you won't put it on the stage. Make sure the trumpet player actually understands the concept of balance. Most don't..........

    If you don't think this applies then you'll need to explain exactly what the project is.
  4. jcstites

    jcstites Active Member

    1 violin and 1 trumpet

    The balance was the main concern and why I was thinking about micing each instrument.

    So for under $1000 for all of the gear, do you guys have any recommendations? It will be recorded straight to my mac, so some kind of USB setup.
  5. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Laptop or desktop?
    Why USB? If USB then something by Lexicon maybe but I really recommend the firewire Impact Twin.
    Two NT55 ~ $350. (or NT5 ~ $220)
    Two 75' XLR cables. (Hosa $54) or Two 100' (Proco $53)
    Sabra ST-4.
    12/3 extension cord
    Stand: for "studio" only then you just need an average On-Stage Stands MS9701TB or for mobile concert use On-Stage Stands SB9600
  6. JoeH

    JoeH Well-Known Member

    I applaud your desire to jump in and do this for yourself, and you'll probably learn something from this.

    On the other hand, is this going to be your start in the recording biz and/or creating your own biz? (If so, repeat above).

    If not, why not hire someone with the right tools and expertise to get it right? For $1k, you'd probably be able to get a package deal with about 3-4 hrs of recording time, (or a concert) and that much left over again for editing & mastering a CD. You could "Produce" the CD this way for them as well, and save some $, perhaps even pay yourself a little bit of $ while you watch someone else do it right, and again, learn something while you produce it for them.

    Just a thought. :cool:

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