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Recording classical choir..

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Twood, May 25, 2008.

  1. Twood

    Twood Active Member

    I am going to record a classical choir and I need some advise

    The location is a medium sized (old) church. Carpet on the floors and walls of wood. The ceiling high is aprox 10-12 meters. The natural reverberation of the church is pretty good. (Not the 5 second reverbs u get in big stonechurches but not completely dead either, something in between)

    The choir consist of aprox 20-25 people. No band. (I guess it will be two rows of 12-13)

    I`ve managed to borrow some great gear to do this recording.
    What I`ve got available:

    2 x DPA 4011 (sdc)
    3 x Milab WM44 (sdc)
    2 x Soundelux U195
    1 x Neumann U149

    Great River 2nv
    Api 3124
    Thermionic Earlybird 1,2 (2 chn valvepre)
    TLAudio 5001 (4chn valvepre)

    UA 2-1176

    Since I have little/no experience with recording choirs I was hoping to get some tips on micplacement, how many mics etc...
  2. goldendye

    goldendye Guest

    how I do

    I will use the DPA's but not 2 . I think 4 Mics are better for this Choir size

    What I do is a Pair of this Mics as a A/B or ORTF Combination in the middle and a little bit more higher. 2 Mics I will take it to both side and the End of the Choir to make it a little bit more wider . . .

    And than I will use the 4 Ch. Pre.

    When the Church sounding good, take another 2 Mics for the room perhaps you can use it on the mix.

    Sorry for the " bad " english but I'm german :)

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