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recording distorted guitar with mic

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Orgytime, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Orgytime

    Orgytime Active Member

    Hi Guys, very nice forum!

    i read alot of threads about recording the electric guitar (distorted).
    most ppl say, micing the amp is the way to go.
    i have some questions for this, this is my gear... can you tell me if i can get a good result with it please!

    monitors - Focal Solo 6 BE
    homestudio - 700€ basstrapped
    microphone - Rode NT-2, Rode NTG-2
    fieldrecorder - Fostex FR-2
    soundcard - EMU 1212
    preamp - ART TUBE MP
    guitaramp - behringer gtx60
    guitar - ibanez
    software - Cubase 5, Ableton Live 8

    i record the guitar with the rode NT-2 (about 6inch gap) signal running into ART TUBE MP preamp and finally into my soundcard.
    i also could use the fostex FR-2 (fildrecorder).
    the room should be ok, pretty dry.

    i want metal guitars in my orchestral music (film-music)

    any any advice is welcome (also on mixing, atm i record 2 times and pan the signals for fat sound).

    another question is about compression. ppl say you shouldnt compress if you dont need it, other ppl say you can use it if you like the soundchange. what you think?

  2. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    RODE NT2 is a nice mic, but its very bright in the 3-4k range(at least mine is). So I tend you use more space (12"-36") when I use on E-GTR. If I don't do this the guitar ends up sounding harsh with that mic. I also avoid aiming for the center of the cone with that mic, I typically keep it more angled to the out edge of the AMP speaker. But again this all just personal preference. I find this helps me out in the mix.

    As for compression....
    E-GTR, I find doesn't need much compression. If I do compressed it would be 0.5 to 2dB reduction at the most. I do not typically compress guitar going into the DAW, I do it in the mix.
  3. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    And I'd throw out the fake tube ART thingie. If you want an actual tube preamp from ART you need to look at the Pro VLA or MPA Gold II or similar. Once you get a few more pesos together then buy some better tubes for them and you have a great piece of gear.
  4. Orgytime

    Orgytime Active Member

    thanks guys, ill place the mic some inches back.

    well the tube... i can see it glowing, what else should it do^^
    it got the 48V phantom power and im happy with the sound. (no noise/hissing)
    should i better set up my 50€ behringer mixer? no thanks^^

    if i like recording in the future too, ill consider a real preamp,
    but of what i read, the good stuff beginns at 1000$...

    so thanks for the advices!
  5. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    The difference is between the ART Pro MPA II and the Tube MP is not just $240. The Tube MP is not a true tube due to it's design. It does not feed high voltage to the tube and hence it is called a "starved plate" design. The MPA II, while not on the super high end of things, is a very respectable design that provides some halfway decent voltage (~160V) to the tube which definitely improves it's audio signature. Real medium and high end tube amps will supply 300V+ to the plate.

    Now the "good stuff" does start at higher than $70 but you don't have to spend $1000/channel to get great audio. For instance, the True Systems Precision 8 MAP's for about $2600 so that's about $325ish dollars per channel. For tube preamps maybe closer to $500/channel.

    Hey you can do what you want. I was just giving you some input. I didn't say anything about the Behr$%^ gear at all. It's just that Tube MP isn't doing what you think it's doing. No fault of yours, the marketing tells you otherwise.

    Good luck.
  6. Orgytime

    Orgytime Active Member

    i trust in you, if you say so, because i have no idea of tubes lol
    i wanted to remove my behringer mixer because there was noise...
    now with this cheap art tube this noise is gone, even with the + 20db gain its not disturbing.
    next investing will be a music-pc, interface and then maybe a real pre-amp.

    thanks for the advice, and here is a little exemple of the guitars if ur interested:
  7. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Hey, I'm all for you upgrading from any Beh#$$ piece of ...um....gear, so go ahead there by all means. You hadn't mentioned a Behr#$% mixer or indeed any mixer so I wasn't aware of that little detail!

    FWIW, I consider the EMU a real audio interface and as long as it has enough gozintas and gozoutas for you it's a great deal.
  8. nbarts

    nbarts Guest

    Get a dynamic microphone. Shure SM57 or SM7, MD421 come to mind. That & a lot of practice should do it.

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