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Recording Drum Kit In Logic Help Please!!!

Discussion in 'Logic' started by chriswalker8511, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. chriswalker8511

    chriswalker8511 Active Member

    Hi guys

    Me and my friend are having some trouble recording drums into logic. So we've got a kit all the mics going into the usb mixer going into macbook into logic but it all goes into 1 track. We really need each mic to have its own channel for panning ect. Can anybody help??

  2. Greener

    Greener Guest

    Have you read the manual?

    What is your USB mixer?
  3. chriswalker8511

    chriswalker8511 Active Member

    I dont think theres anything on it in the manual and also im not sure what mixer it is at the moment as its my friends, but i will know within a few hours. all i know is that its a behringer 10+ channels, not a bus mixer, its usb. Basically i want to know how to assign each channel on the mixer a channel in logic.

  4. jammster

    jammster Active Member

    Hello chriswalker8511,
    welcome to the RO forum!

    I have Logic 8 and a macbook, I can help you.

    You have to instal drivers from the mixer into your mac OS in order for the device to register with Logic.

    You must go to the website for your mixer and download the drivers and instal them.

    Once you have done this proceed:

    You must go to the internal drive and double click(dc)

    When the window pops up you want to select applications on the left of the window.

    dc on the folder titled "utilities"

    dc on the application titled "Audio Midi Setup"

    Select the 'audio devices' tab on the top of the menu.

    This application allows you to switch the path where the audio goes for the OS so your alert sounds and internet will come out the device such as your mixer instead of the built in speakers.

    Once you start logic up with the new drivers installed you must go to the preferences icon on the top left side of the and click. Once the window pops up select the 'core audio' tab and then look for 'device:' tab. You should be able to scroll down and select your device.

    Happy recordings,

  5. chriswalker8511

    chriswalker8511 Active Member

    Thanks jammster for the reply! but i dont really understand the audio midi setup bit?

  6. jammster

    jammster Active Member

    Oh, its for the computer sounds. This is not essential to Logic by the way... Alert, web brousing ect.

    What is it that you do not understand?
  7. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    Some USB mixers only have two A to D's for the master bus. What mixer do you have?

    Recording multiple tracks is a very common task so it will be in your DAW software manual. Setting up your recording interface for multiple tracks should be in the interface manual.
  8. chriswalker8511

    chriswalker8511 Active Member

    Thanks guys for all your help but ive found out that my mixer cant have multiple channels in a DAW


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