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Recording Issues (Desperate)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Revone, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Revone

    Revone Guest

    I'll tell you my issue, when I record, I'm trying to get the vocal track as well as the instrumental in my headphones, the instrumental isn't a problem but the vocal track (So I can hear it as I record live) is what I am having problems with. The only way I can get it is if I press 2TK to Mix on my mixer, but I'm positive that's wrong because what it does is it records the instrumental joined with my vocals (As an entire mix) in my DAW (Audition or Cubase) and that's clearly not what I want because then I can't mix, lol.

    So basically what I'm trying to do is hear my live vocal track as well as the instrumental while I record but I only want to record my vocal track (obviously). I think I have to route my vocal track separately? I'm not even sure but it's bugging the hell out of me.

    I have pictures of my setup, although it is setup a little different now (I have 2 RCA cables hooked up into my mixer now because I wanted to send the input back to my mixer so I could hear it in my phones, which I could like I stated above, but unfortunately it sent back the instrumental as well, recording it along with my vocal track on the 2TK To Mix. So like I said I think I have to separate them and mute one? I'm not sure.

    Someone told me to remove the Tape Out, keep the Tape In, and use a 1/4" on the Aux Send on my mixer to my sound device, and then Mute the return on one of the channels so it blocked the instrumental in return only recording the vocal track? I'm not even sure if that's correct but I have no clue how that would work and if my software even supports that kind of option in correlation with my hardware (the mute).

    Anyways I know this post is long, and I apologise, lol. But I need to fix this problem I can't really record properly at home without it being fixed.

    Here are some photos, if you need any specific photos just ask me, I'll take more:

    Here's the mixer:


    My home setup is as basic as it gets.

    Note: In some pictures the hardware is routed differently.




    Ignore the settings on my mixer in the pictures.


    Thanks a bunch!

  2. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    The key is in what you assign the channels to.

    The mixer channel with your vocal mic needs to be assigned to the output of the mixer feeding the sound card and the control room outs.

    The channel on the mixer you are using to monitor the output of the soundcard(the music you are singing to) needs to be feed to only the control room outs, not the outouts feeding the inputs on the sound card.
  3. Revone

    Revone Guest

    I think I understand a little better now.

    I'm totally lost on assigning channels.

    So that would allow me to hear my live vocal and the music I am singing to, while only recording my vocal output and not the music coming into my mixer and into my headphones?

    If you can, could you maybe take me indepth of what cables I will need to hook it up properly the way you stated and could you assist me in setting it up a little, as to what jacks and outputs/inputs to use? I'd gladly compensate you with a payment for your time (pay pal) or MO or whichever you prefer if you got it working!

  4. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    Not familiar enough with your mixer. Your manual for it should explain everything.
  5. Revone

    Revone Guest

    The manual doesn't give me justice because I am new to the technical aspects of everything. I've been over the manual multiple times., I've tried re-routing everything multiple times.

    I'm still lost on how to monitor/track my recordings in my headphones as I am recording, while only recording my vocal and not the instrumental with it. I don't know what other cables I need or where they go.

    Anybody else willing to help me, please do.

  6. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    A pic of the mixer thats a little closer so I can read the labels on the switches/knobs might help.
  7. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    1) Connect the main outs on the mixer to the inputs on your sound card.

    2) Connect the control room outs on your mixer to your monitors/speakers. (Or power amp if you are not using active monitors) Connect your headphones to the headphone jack.

    3) Connect the outputs from your soundcard to the Tape In RCA Jacks

    4) Select the 2tk to Control Room button

    5) Deselect the 2tk to mix button.

    This will route the playback from your computer only to the Monitors/phones while routing only your microphone signal to the PC to be recorded.

    You should hear the mic signal in the headphones/monitors as well as the PC playback but I have never used that mixer so I can't be sure.

    All I did was restate what is in the manual. Give it another read if you still have problems.
  8. Revone

    Revone Guest

    Yes I've set it up that way atleast 3 times already in the past. Been there.

    Doesn't work.

    Thanks though, I think I'm going to just ditch my sound device and get an internal soundcard, because before this device I could get it to work with only one cable, so the external device is going bye bye.

    Thanks again, I understand everything now, it just doesn't work worth the shits.
  9. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    That set up does work. I double checked with a buddy using that mixer. You have a config issue within the DAW software or soundcard.
  10. Revone

    Revone Guest

    Yeah it's my sound device. I've actually had the mixer for too long as well, I'm going to go pick up a Mackie 12-Channel and I'm going to go look into other soundcards preferably something with 8 in/outs.

    Thanks again for the help.
  11. Revone

    Revone Guest

    I'm looking into a Layla.

  12. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    The card you have should do what you need. You just need to learn to set it up. I'm a little concerned you are going to buy a new card and have the same problems.
  13. Revone

    Revone Guest

    I know exactly how to set it up. I've had it working in the past the way I wanted to, about 2 years ago. It's just the setup I have now with my audio interface, doesn't work period.


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