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Recording Issues - Recording Noisy & Too Soft

Discussion in 'Recording' started by 35mm, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. 35mm

    35mm Guest

    Hi all!

    I'm new here. My first post.

    I've recently bought an M-Audio Nova Cardoid Condenser Microphone and a Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer with built in phantom power and preamp. I would like to use this setup to record vocals.

    The problem is that when I record to my Macbook Pro (Core i5) using Garageband I get a little bit of fuzziness and noise on the recording but I can't hear anything on the recording, this is with the levels & gain just turned halfway up on the mixer. If I turn the levels and gain all the way up to full I get a lot more fuzziness and the recording is very, very soft. All the recording levels of the built in sound in the Macbook are set to maximum.
    I'm using an ordinary auxiliary cable from the output of the mixer to the input of the macbook.
    Even when I connect the mic to just the mixer and I monitor it using the headphones, still don't hear much.

    Am I missing something? is this just a crap mic? or is it the mixer?

    I would really appreciate it if someone could help.

  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Yes to both, but you should be able to get something out of it. Until you can get the mic-mixer combination to work into headphones, don't add the complication of trying to record to the MacBook.

    Is your model of the 502 fitted with the phantom power option (older ones were not)? Have you got the gain trim turned up? Do you have any plug in the line input of channel 1? Is the channel 1 level control turned up? Is the CD/tape to Phones switch in the raised position?

    When you have got the headphones to work, I would use a stereo RCA-minijack cable from the Tape Out sockets on the 502 to the line input on the MacBook. The mixer's main outputs will overdrive the MacBook line input.
  3. 35mm

    35mm Guest

    Just monitoring the mic over headphones I can still hear noise with the Main mix, Levels Channel 1 & Gain turn up to 0db.
    The CD/Tape to Phones is switched in the raised position. There's only a XLR cable from the M-Audio Nova Mic plugged into the XLR Mic Pre-amp (its the newer Xenyx 502 with Phantom Power).
    If I turn up the levels any further the noise becomes just way too much.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    That mixer is noisy, but you should at least be able to hear some mic signal in the noise. I would take the mic and your XLR cable to a store or to a friend with a different pre-amp and ask if you can plug it in to check you can get some signal through.

    If the answer is that you can't, it may not be the mic. A faulty cable could give these symptoms.

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