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Recording mix automation in Vegas 12

Discussion in 'Recording' started by gaffa, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. gaffa

    gaffa Active Member


    I've just successfully finished a one song project in Vegas 12 due the kind assistance offorum member audiokid. Now I'm working on mixing a more complex project, and I really need to get my Behringer BCF-2000 control surface working.

    I have it connected, and Vegas is controlling the faders, bringing them all to zero when I move out of the program. And I can use them as level trimmers during playback for the assigned channels.

    But what I really want to do is do a mix, using the faders to write the volume envelopes, so I can record the whole mix. I've been through the manual and the help files, and it is not working as the manual says it should work:

    "During playback, adjusting a control will create envelope points or keyframes at the cursor position. As long as you are adjusting the control, new envelope points/keyframes will be created for each change of the cursor's position".

    That's the part I have not been able to get working. I this all the time in Edius. What am I overlooking?
  2. gaffa

    gaffa Active Member

    I've been playing with this, and if I use the virtual faders in the program, it records the movements of those faders as expected. But not the movements of the faders on my control surface.
  3. gaffa

    gaffa Active Member

    Figured it out. It was in the Sony Whitepaper on using the BCF-2000 in Vegas.

    It turns out that, even though I thought everything was on in the program, I had to enable automation using the proper keystroke on the BCF-2000. The magic keystroke is "Downshift-Edit". "Downshift" in this case, is the lower left button under the LCD display.

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