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Recording music into abelton?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by latinboy642003, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. latinboy642003

    latinboy642003 Active Member

    I have a question? is it possible to play a track via computer and record it into abelton? so when i put the recorded part into a video i dont have to match the song wavelengths to the recorded drums.
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hard to follow what you are asking.

    Do you mean use a different sample rate or import a track from another source and then sync it to a home video or something like this?
  3. latinboy642003

    latinboy642003 Active Member

    I am planning on playing to songs and making a video of it. When I make the video I will be using multiple cameras.when I try to put thebdifferent clips together its hard to then input a song into the video program and then sync the music. I want to know if I can put the song thru a channel in abelton then output the drums and music together into the video program.
  4. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    No need to record just drag and drop the audio on the timeline, and nudge it into place, that's what I do.
  5. latinboy642003

    latinboy642003 Active Member

    In abelton?
  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    You can record audio into Live! Yes. You can then export the file and assemble your video in a proper editing program like Vegas or Final Cut. You can get Vegas Movie Studio HD for $95 and personally, that blows the doors off of Adobe Premier of any variety.

    You should be able to do it all in Live! but you'll have to read the manual to find out how. It would be a lot easier in Vegas though IMHO.

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