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recording on laptop

Discussion in 'Recording' started by link01, May 10, 2008.

  1. link01

    link01 Guest

    Ive been recording with my band on an MR-8Hd Fostex recorder, the quality is good for the price but were not fully happy with it. Ive been advised the next level would be recording onto a laptop. Just wondering weather any laptop with enough memeory would do, and how much memory you think it would need, as i do not have much mony to spend. Also if it would need a good soundcard already built in, or would it be better to get an external soundcard?
    Also, i will be recording drums, i have a mixer with 8 mic inputs which i used before, could i still just use that to mic the drums and other instruments and connect it to the laptop without gettting one of those converter things?
  2. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    External without a doubt. The quality is far better than any line in jacks will ever get you.

    You don't actually need much memory to record with (I use a P4 with 384MB and onboard sound to make quick recordings), but for mixing and anything else, you need plenty.

    Connecting the mixer: yes, you can do that. Just use the Main Outs.
  3. link01

    link01 Guest

    Ok thanks,
    How much memory do think is required for mixing? And what bit rate do you think the external sound card would need, would 24 be alright?
  4. cfaalm

    cfaalm Active Member

    24 bits is OK, actually 16 would do, but 24 will give you more dynamic range so it is easier to prevent overs.

    Since it looks like you will be recording only a stereo signal I guess it is OK to record on the internal drive of the laptop. If you record more than 2 I suggest you use an external, preferably firewire, drive. This of course depends on the laptop in question.
  5. link01

    link01 Guest

    Ok thanks,
    yeah i think it will just be a stereo signal, and the laptop will just be quite an average inexpensive one (sorry thats abit vague). But using an external soundcard, and a good recording program do you think recording onto the hard drive would work alright?
    and Roughley how much memory do you think would be needed for mixing with a good program?
  6. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Roughly speaking, what make model kind of laptop are you looking at/have?
  7. link01

    link01 Guest

    Out of what ive seen on the website id be buying from,
    I think i can probably just about afford a
    Asus X51RL-AP030C, but if that is not needed i could get a cheaper Acer TravelMate 5320-101G12Mi.
  8. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    You're recording stereo at a time...
    But are you going to record several of these and stack them, say one signal for guitar, one for bass, etc...
    If you do, you should get an external hard drive. If the OS and all your software is running from the same HD as 6 channels of audio you're going to struggle.

    As for memory, if you're multi-tracking then you need plenty. Plugins and track EQs and ANYTHING you add to process the sound will chew memory.
    I have 1.5GB, and have had no problems with 4 tracks and about 10 plugins.
    If I was to have 16 tracks and 40 plugins, well...different story.
  9. link01

    link01 Guest

    Yeah i will be recording them seperatley and stacking them, the memory of the one im looking at i think is 2 GB.

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