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Recording problems.

Discussion in 'Recording' started by jamie88, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. jamie88

    jamie88 Guest


    Right, i have a AKG D3700 S that is probably around 2 years old. Problem is i'm starting to record on a new computer after not using the mic for a few months and in that time we moved house.

    What happens is the volume randomly changes as i record, i.e for a few seconds the sound level will be high and then it will drop down to low, then back to high and then to low again.

    What does everyone think the problem is?

    Could it be the mic is broke, or the jack plug/lead that im using, or even something to do with the PC im using?.

    Anyway, i would appreciate some help on this subject.


    SYNTHME Active Member

    Sounds like a bad cable to me. Have you tried using a different cable? Or, try plugging in to a different jack? If you provide more information about your setup and devices you are using, it might help us to better determine the source of the problem.
  3. jamie88

    jamie88 Guest

    Alrite man, my bad. Im just using my PC for recording my stuff, and connecting my mic to a normal cable and plugging it into a regular apaptor jack (same as regualer headphones) to allow it to fit into the computer

    One other thing, does anyone know how the hell to take the top (grill) off?

    I know when i bought it i read somewhere that it's possible to take off, but i just cannot get the bugger to come off.
  4. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    The problem with doing things this way is that the weight of the cable is considerably more than what was intended for that little 1/8" jack. Really this jack was meant for nothing more than a PC microphone or Radioslack cable to run from your stereo/ghetto-blaster to your PC. The weight of the jack and cable are enough to jiggle that little thing loose. They're only held on by solder.

    If you insist of using a SoundCrapper type card, at least invest in one with a proper 1/4" input(platinum seriees). Mind you for the price of one of those, you could buy a half decent audio interface with an authentic mic input and likely a preamp or reasonable facsimile.

    I know all about being under a budget but scrape up the cash. Save your allowance for a month or two. Lay off the buds and you should have the money in no time.
  5. jamie88

    jamie88 Guest

    Umm, i get what you're on man.

    What excactly sort of equipment are you on about though?.

    SYNTHME Active Member

    I will take the liberty of guessing you are looking for something cheap with nothing more than a few inputs. You might want to check out:

    Lexicon Alpha
    M-Audio MobilePre

    There really are a lot of options out there in the $100 to $300 range. It just depends on if there are any specific features that you are looking for. And, IMO, external devices like these are a lot easier to deal with than soundcards.
  7. jamie88

    jamie88 Guest

    Ye definately looking for something cheap.

    Sorry but im a noob when it comes to this sort of thing.

    I basically would plug my mic. into one of those and then connect that device to my PC, and record as normal?

    SYNTHME Active Member

    Correct. You plug your mic into the audio interface using a standard XLR mic cable, and then your audio interface connects via USB to your computer.

    Once you install the audio interface drivers on your computer, your recording program or Windows will allow you to select your audio interface as the input (instead of the mic input on your soundcard that you were using before) and record from there.

    You will also see audio interfaces that connect via Firewire, but since you have a PC, I’m guessing that you most likely do not have a Firewire card or port to use. If that is the case, I would recommend you stick with USB.
  9. jamie88

    jamie88 Guest

    Ahh good good.

    Wellm im gonna pick up a new cable and jack plug at the weekend and hope that fixes my problem, but if i get some money popping up i'll definately look into buying something like those.

    Thx for the help man

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