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Recording problems

Discussion in 'Recording' started by sirchick, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    When I am playing back my recording, or recording along side it. It keeps on struggling like its struggling to load or something. How ever it does not exist when I export my audio mixdowns.

    I have a quad core cpu with 4 gig of ram, it should not be struggling..im doing about 12 tracks. And my ctrl alt del tells me im using 2 gig ram, so i have a spare gig at least, so it can't be ram issues.

    My sound card is a m-audio delta 1010lt which is alot quite a good card for my level of expertise and tracks in use, so any one got any suggestions on what I should check ?

    Oh and if it helps my m-aduio sample rate is : 44100Hz and buffer size is 256 samples.

    Second question which isnt a problem but more curiosity:
    I have a midi synth that plays through out its a straight line all the way through the song, yet it will not play the midi if i start playback half way through the song. It only plays the midi if I have the play cursor begin before the midi synth kicks in thus it loads up not half way through the song if you get me which is a pain in the butt! Is there a way to change this?

    Thanks for any help you can provide in advance :)
  2. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    What's running in the background of the CPU?

    Have you killed all unneeded services and programs that run at startup?
  3. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    Well i am using vista just to add using Nuendo.

    Umm there wasn't much the second biggest ram eater at the time was svchost and explorer which is vista and cannot do much about that. But they are minimal. No other programs were running that I could really turn off.

    Heres a screen of just 6 tracks of the 12 I have in use, using my CPU.
    6 is the most that happens at any one time.
  4. EricUndead

    EricUndead Guest

    By the look of that picture all the RAM is getting eaten up. would be nice to see processes though.
  5. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    Are the digital tracks on the same drive as Vista? How is your file fragmentation? Maybe your hard drive is having trouble keeping up.

    I have had trouble when multi tracking about 8 tracks 24 bit x 44kHz on the same drive as my system. I think it was a 7200 RPM drive (maybe slower). Now I run a SATA 10k RPM dedicated to digital audio, and have run up to 20 tracks of simultaneous recording 24 bit x 44kHz.
  6. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    I am unfamiliar with the technology that your talking about here, is there some way for me to find out on my pc to help answer your questions ?

    And in response to my proccesses :
  7. Greener

    Greener Guest

    Hmmmm, given that's like a 3rd of your process tree I would assume you have a bloated PC.
    Malware, spyware... All that jazz.
    Unless you got Alexander the Greats untying skills I'd say format and redo from start.
  8. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    My computer has only just formatted like 2 weeks ago.

    And 50 odd proccess is usually the normal on my pc once I got most of my programs installed.
    Plus my above image clearly shows I have a good spare gig of ram which is why i highly doubted it was a ram issue.

    How many processes does it say you have when you ctrl + alt + del ?
  9. Greener

    Greener Guest

    21, win xp here. I'll get the vista box out.
    It's a laptop with about 400 doo-dahs running, touchpad, hotkeys, camera, virus and firewall blah blah blah... When will people realise just because you have the processing power doesn't mean you should use it _all_ just running the OS.
    *still waiting*
    57... Jesus.
    Umm yeah, looking through I could lose quite a few of these. But nothing is a real cpu whore...
    When you run nuendo, have you got it set to the highest priority?
  10. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    Why do you have appache web server running on your music computer? Kill that for sure. Also with the number of svchost instances I suspect a virus. Is it possible that some of your software installs are corrupted?

    from a google search on cledx.exe:

    The cledx.exe from H2O contains a trojan called Win32:Rbot-cxl

    I think you are hit hard with a virus. I would suggest on a your main music machine, reformat, and only install software you bought.

    As for the hard drive question:
    If you didn't buy an additional hard drive, then you probably only have one. If it's a desktop, look for a 10k RPM SATA drive.
  11. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I see alarms. How legit is your system? Be honest now. I see "Team H2O CLEDX" there. I don't know what CLEDX is but I know that H2O is a hacking team.

    I run XP with 2 Gigs of ram and I've never seen more than 512 megs in use at a time when running Tracktion. Gaming, maybe but not using my DAW.

    Just to add another bomb, I don't think Nuendo 3 is compatible with Vista. For that matter, I'm not sure that Nuendo 4 is compatible with Vista.
  12. EricUndead

    EricUndead Guest

    Physical Memory:
    Total 3325
    Cached 1826
    Free 22

    22 is not a gig.

    Try a ram checking program (Memtest is a great app.) and remove the Trojans/Virus's the other people spoke of.
  13. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Sorry. Just more nitpicking. In that one frame of what looks to be quite a long list of processes, I can see seven instnces or svchost. SEVEN!? Looks dodgy. Also, why is apache running? Are you running a server from your machine? Two instances of that going on.

    I'm wondering what else is running. You've definitely got some bugs in there. I wouldn't be surprised if there someone in Tuktayuktuk using credit cards under your name by now.
  14. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    And getting back to hardware...how many physical hard drives do you have in the computer?

    If you have only 1, I'd be willing to be that this is the main problem - not ruling out bloatware/malware. Audio recording systems perform much better when you have multiple drives, one for your OS and programs and the other to record your audio on.
  15. BrianaW

    BrianaW Active Member

    Agree with everything said here. That cledx.exe file is a software emulated dongle that emulates the security key, so it's probably not a virus although it may show up as one. Another problem may be if you have your disk drives set to cache to memory. You want to write directly to disk, bypassing the memory cache. Just switch to XP, your DAW will thank you. :)

    Expose all hidden files and do a Panda online scan -


    Then read this and adjust appropriately -

  16. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's what I figured. Not something highly looked upon here. It does explain a few things though. A person who is prone to using p2p software will have more problems than a person who pays for their software.
  17. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    My nuendo is legit i bought it with my university loan before we go on to that. I ain't good with computers to understand these p2p programs.
    The cledx i aint sure what that is or what it is for though it has been on my pc since I have had a CD of plugins that I installed from a friend of mine so I have not wanted to touch it. I presumed its for one of the plugins. He did mention to let it install so it works with my sound card.

    Back to subject at hand to answer some quick Qs and add some responses:

    BrianaW - having that few amount of proccesses only suggests that you are not on Vista, vista is entirely different amount of procceses the lowest i have seen processes count wise on Vista (on a fresh install with no extra programs installed at all except the factory default) was about 31 processes. And Greener mentioned they had 57 processes using vista on a laptop which leads to suggest im in the normal range.

    Yes xp is better option as it uses less ram, but I aint got the cash to buy xp as with university i live on the edge of money, with a special interest in one of the most expensive hobbies, music recording lol (im trying to get professional so bog standard sound cards etc, never bodes well with me)!

    I have 2 physical hard drives 500 gig each and one 80 gig external for backup of music projects but I don't save to that hard drive I back up usually every friday evening. What svchost is I have no idea, nor do I know why there is how ever many there are. So I shall ask on a vista forum for that particular one.
    Mind you looking at BrianaW, you have more than one svchost anyway and if thats XP then vista is probably using more than 2 which would explain its RAM usage being higher for a start. But yes seven does seem over kill but i shall let you know on that one.

    Nuendo priority = High, how ever many things have been set to low to counter balance. I will put it to normal for a while to see a difference.
  18. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Right now I'm on Ubuntu. 20.7% of 1.5GB in use.
    But I don't have a working soundcard for linux so I use XP for audio. I think it sits around 40 processes.

    If I ever get into serious audio, I'm going to try staying with linux and using Ardour.

    Edit: on XP now. My mistake: at bootup it would appear to be 27 processes and less than 250MB used. I think 40 was at the last time I formatted.
  19. Nuendo 3 is not Vista optimized, so will run poorly but Nuendo 4, like Cubase 4.1 is supposedly fine with Vista. Assuming we are running legit versions and not dongle emulated cracks. They don't run great even under XP.

    This is just factual, not a judgement on the OP b4 anyone misunderstands. But on the same subject, the plugins you mentioned, if you have stuff like the Korg Legacy plugins, Sampletank, Miroslav Philharmonik or others that are shall we say, reverse engineered trial versions, the original plugins used the same Synchrosoft dongle as Cubase/Nuendo, which is why an emulator would be needed. So you should investigate your plugin collection from your friend to ensure it's legitamacy.
  20. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    Well I wasn't using any plugins for the recording so would they sitll have a effect when not in use? Other than EZdrummer for the drums and a free Hammond B4 plugin effect which was freeware on a site.

    And yeh that is a good point with vista and incompatibilites. hmm, ill go on their forums there might be update or patch perhaps for earlier versions of Nuendo.

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