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Discussion in 'Recording' started by closer, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. closer

    closer Guest

    [ January 21, 2004, 03:03 PM: Message edited by: closer ]
  2. by

    by Guest

    Wow, get the API if you can find it that low. I'd also consider instead of the AKG, the Audix D6, and for the other mics, the Studio Projects line

    For headphones, I bought a pack from Harvey Gerst (http://www.ITRstudio.com/moreme.html) and while they aren't really great quality-wise, they are cheap (with a great repair policy) and do have decently good isolation.
  3. jonyoung

    jonyoung Well-Known Member

    I vote for the Sennheiser e602 for kick, and AKG K-66 for cans.
  4. error5i

    error5i Guest

    where can u get the API 3124+ for 1400 from i am very interested?????
  5. closer

    closer Guest

    [ January 21, 2004, 03:00 PM: Message edited by: closer ]
  6. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    akg k-44 are inexpensive and good sounding headphones- they can be had for about 20 bucks apiece- I used the have a dozen of them in my studio for the bands- you might want a seenheiser hd-280 for when you are tracking the main vocals- they have good insulation and virtually no bleed through- they are about 100 bucks a piece- also I had good results with the audix fusion series for drums- 300 bucks buys you 1 kick drum mic, 3 tom mics and 2 condensers- actually the condnsers (I think they are f11's) can be had separate for about 80 bucks a piece and sound good on cymbals- I used to put them on hi hats too with good results :p
  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I see you are thinking about the APIs and the Presonus M20..
    I think the prices you have listed for both the ISA and the API are way unrealistic. If you can get those pieces at that price, jump on it. In case the prices end up being more than that, may I suggest you consider a JLM TMP8 instead? This is an 8 channel one rack space mic pre from JLM Audio in Australia.. an op amp, transformer balanced design, with peak stop limiting, very much like the API or Neve design “Focusrite Red” range pre.

    I have posted audio samples of the TMP8, an anatomy of a drum mix and a review in the reviews section. List on the TMP8 is $1950 USD, considerably less than what you would pay for the 4 channel API.

    I also noticed you are thinking of inexpensive headphones. I posted a review on Harvey Gerst's “MoreMe” headphones. About $25 a pair. Very robust.
  8. closer

    closer Guest

    [ January 21, 2004, 03:00 PM: Message edited by: closer ]
  9. closer

    closer Guest

    what about maybe purchasing a soundcraft ghost and using its pres?

    i'm not sure if a mixer is what i want/need for this studio... i plan on doing all my mixing in the pc so this may just be a waste of money but i have a friend who is selling one for $2000......

    does this thing offer program control via midi like a mackie hui etc? i don't understand what makes this thing "almost" digital or whatever
    are there any things that i could do with the ghost that might be useful over buying seperate pre's? i'll have 10 and 10 outs so using it to actually "mix" won't be possible unless im doing just like acoustic and vox... drums/bands won't be possible

  10. teleharmonic

    teleharmonic Guest

    you might want to check what happens with those 2 on ebay as there is still over a day left on the $1800 one... and the reserve has not yet been met.

    you might have to count on the api running you about $2500 +tax.

    not trying to be a party pooper just letting you know.

  11. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I don't want to discourage you but you are jumping into the deep end of the pool and you don't even know how to tread water. Every time you post it becomes more evident that you have no idea what you are getting into.. I'm not trying to be mean or embarrass you, I just want you to put the brakes on a bit and let us guide you through all of this to a happy outcome.

    First, you will essentially have 10 in and 8 out because 2 outs will be going to your monitoring chain.. and 2 of these ins will be spdif or AES / EBU and need converters..

    In many cases, you are going to need a mixer of some type to mix headphone and cues without latency for tracking. This will depend on what soundcard and program you choose. So you see, you are getting way ahead of yourself.

    The pres in the Ghost are probably better than Mackie pres but not as good as the clones of APIs, Neves etc ...or the Focusrites, Sebatrons or any of the other boutique pre we speak of a lot here. The MMC is midi machine control. In conjunction with a computer running a sequencer program, It controls the transport functions on ADATs and other stand alone recorders. It will do nothing for a DAW. The Ghost has midi mute functions also.. which can mute channels but has no control over fader, eq or aux moves. Once again, you need to run it with a sequencer.

    Your price expectations are absolutely unrealistic. As was pointed out, the auctions you quoted, are not finished yet. Those prices will skyrocket on the last day. You are not going to get 8 channels of great pres and mics for $3500.
  12. closer

    closer Guest

    i just bought an api3124+ for $1800. my buddy is still selling his ghost for $2000 though if anyone is interested.
  13. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Congratulations... that is a very good price! You should be able to sell it at a profit anytime you wish. But don't count on being able to continue to get those kinds of deals... Like I said, watch those auctions.. you will see what we have been saying.. Kurt
  14. closer

    closer Guest

    of course i know i'll at least 10 outs because of mains. and i already have a headphone mixer too actually. before i post i'll make sure i'm clear and concise on everything. the way i typed it out didn't make sense. i realize that.

    sorry for the mix up.

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