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Recording to PC Using Roland Studio Pack

Discussion in 'Recording' started by rsaragosa, Jun 2, 2001.

  1. rsaragosa

    rsaragosa Guest

    Hi Everybody,

    Well don't laugh but I am just a beginner in this PC recording world I bout a Roland Studio Pack, remember don't laugh. I am just waiting for my Gateway to come via UPS so I can get my feet wet in this thing, I would appreciate any help or experience someone has to share with a virgin like me. I am a guitar palyer and I want to make my own stuff, I can't really paly keyboards I am too pedestrian on one so guitar is it. What is the best way to lay down a basic groove that I can solo over or add my guitar too and vocals. The Roland Studio Pack comes with a version of Logic Audio. Is band in a box worth buying or how about Jammer. Sorry for the long post.

    rsaragosa@peoplepc.com :roll:

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