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Recording with fl studio 10 problem

Discussion in 'FL Studio' started by nismoalti420, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. nismoalti420

    nismoalti420 Active Member

    ok on my old computer i was using, i had fl studio on it and was using it to play guitar through. i only do this because my effects processor and amp were stolen. so i use the hardcore effects on fl studio to hold me over till i can get another guitar rig. worked great on the old computer! now i loaded fl on my new computer and every thing works on the program but i cant get the guitar sound to fl studio. there is a catch i get the guitar sound through the speakers when the program is closed. it only works in one input on the computer. the other inputs are really fuzzy and distorted? i havent figured this out yet either.

    also i am using a 3/4" adapter to a 1/8" putting it in to the mic input on the computer. not the best but it will get me through till i get an amp again.

    the new computer is Asus essentio desktop\ and athlon ll x2 processor/ 4gb ram/ 1 tb hard drive / sound card not sure all it says is 8-channel high-definition
    is has windows 7 64 bit operating system

    the old computer was a lot smaller than the new one, but they had the same operating system windows 7 64 bit. the sound card im not sure what the old one had but it was from the factory.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. if you need to know something a little more in depth to help me out just let me know.

    thanks, and i hope i put this in the right forum.

  2. nismoalti420

    nismoalti420 Active Member

    ok i just got it to work, i guess you have to configure the input to the device your going to use it for.

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