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Recreating an Effect

Discussion in 'Recording' started by anfernee, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. anfernee

    anfernee Guest


    I don't usually post, but I would be greatful if someone could tell me how the vocal effect on the this sound clip is done.


    I have been trying to do something like it for ages.

    Any help would be good.

  2. In an audio editor like Wavelab, Cooledit or Logic's sample editor:

    1 - open the file
    2 - reverse it
    3 - add reverb
    4 - reverse the whole thing again
    5 - save
    6 - align it with the rest of your track
  3. anfernee

    anfernee Guest


    Thanks man !!!! I've tried it and I need a little tweek and I'm there.


    Thanks again.


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