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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by stedel, Nov 11, 2001.

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    Re mixing totally within Pro Tools.Although I've seen lots of posts re plug-in compressors, EQ's etc. I was wondering how you consider the state of play re reverb-plug ins. I'm only familiar with VST stuff,and I was dissapointed in the quality of the reverb plug ins (sigh..I know I should'nt have gone there).
    From what I can gather however, reverb is also a bit of a dissapointment in the Pro Tools Plug -in format.
    Nothing I've read says "Wow! Is this a great plug in Reverb!!!"
    Reverb is an important tool for me, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on this.I'm more inclined to go with outboard verb, although I've not had as much hands on experience with any of the Tools plug ins..Is there a plug in that's as good as the quality verbs on the outside? Are you
    able to keep within Pro Tools or do you patch outside? Or are we waiting for the Sony EQ Reverb
    equivalent.Be great to hear what you think.
  2. miketholen

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    I haven't come across anything that comes close to a high quality outboard unit/room.
    my favorite outboard reverb has to be the chambers at Fantasy Studios in Berkely, CA.
    a close second is an EMT stereo tube plate.
    an right now for convinience sake I use a Quantec QRS.
    Quantec makes an AES version of the QRS called "The Yardstick".
  3. anonymous

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    Amongst the high end DAW folks I know of, most folks prefer hardware reverb boxes to any plug ins, although, by the end of next year plug in reverb should have seriously caught up with the hardware stuff. I patch digitaly to outside units at the moment.

    It is fun to have something to tweak by hand and to 'cheat on the computer' with.

    Many units now are 'dual input' so that means that you could set up 2 reverb engines one fed by the left input one by the right.. both outputs share the same stereo output.

    You could record different FX settings so one hardware FX box could give up unlimited reverbs or FX on a mix..

    Most DAW interfaces have an SPDIF i/o that is the best place to start.

    There are many low budget reverb/FX units from Lexicon and TC Electronics and this looks to be the new mid budget king:
    Also the Eventide Eclipse deserves a 'versatile all rounder' mention albeit a bit spendy.
    the suggested Quantec above should also be excellent!

    Hardware FX & Reverb units run digitally with a DAW can aid stunning sound without CPU power drain.

    try to aim for digital in AND out.



    P.S. on the PC look up a program / plug in called "Acoustic Modeller" it is stunning sounding!
  4. Greg Malcangi

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    This thread is one that should probably have been posted in the ProTools forum but I'll add my 2 cents worth.

    All is not quite doom and gloom. It's true that virtually all the reverb plugs across all the platforms suck, even the big name plugs like Lexicon and TC! I guess they didn't want to give away their best algorithms. However, last year I tested out the Reverb One plug from Digi. "Wow! Is this a great plug in Reverb!!!" :) Although it has it's own character it's right up there with the mid-high end outboard gear like the Lex PCM91 or the TC3000. It's not as good IMHO as the real top end stuff like a 480 but as a plug it sets a whole new standard for reverb. It certainly deserves a place in any highly spec'ed PT setup. By plug in standards it's very pricy but then again, comparing it to equivalent outboard gear it's very cheap. Having said all this I never actually purchased the Reverb One after about a week of playing with it, but that's because not long before I'd just bought a PCM91. If I were starting again though it would be at the top of my plug in list with the Sony EQ.

  5. Hey Jules,

    Is Acoustic Modeler the same as Sonic Foundry's Acoustic Mirror? If not, what company is Acoustic Modeler available from?


    Bardstown Audio
  6. Greg, you are right about Reverb One. It is a great verb plug-in.

    Bardstown Audio
  7. anonymous

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    Er... Modeler / Mirror..

    I thought it WAS modeler...


  8. stedel

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    Hi folks. Thanks for all the replies.From what everybody says, it seems I was fairly correct in my own assessment. Yes there are "servicable" plug-in reverbs, but as yet nothing "stunning" (don't you just love descriptive terminolgy).
    Of course high-end, mid-end, is all relative, but
    my bottome line for a reverb would be something like the Eclipse (as Julian posted).

    I checked out the Quantec site as Mike Tholen
    suggested, and I'm dowloading some stuff from their site.Interesting they state that their "legendary QRS algorithm" is available in MP3 quality. Hmmm. Now there's an interesting word to associate with MP3's.
    Re Greg's comment, yeah, I didn't know which forum would be the best one to post this. I didn't mean to focus on Pro-Tools specifically.Just to see what people thought about plug-in verbs in general. Eg. there is an interesting new verb plug in for people who use MOTU stuff (not me).
    My own thinking is that the plug ins may be OK for
    some "duh obvious" effects (DO's), but for the really subtle quality stuff, it's still outboard. this was my experience on other DAW platforms, I thought the Tools may be a bit more advanced. No problem.
  9. anonymous

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    The Eclipse or that new Kurzweil ....

    You got to check em both out!

  10. stedel

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    The new Kurzweil? What's that? Anway I might be a while. I downloaded some info from the Quantec site. It's kinda 180 pages long.
  11. anonymous

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    It's on the "Hot gear" page!
    (Dead Link Removed)
    :) :) :)
  12. stedel

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    Jeez I'm trying.And even my mum used to say that about me - Stedel you're very trying she used to say.
  13. stedel

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    Hi Julian. Well now I know. What an interesting unit the Kurtzweil seems to be. Definately on my list to check out.
    BTW out here we have an old folk song called "The Poor Colonial Boy". One of your other forum members, davemc, also pointed out, as I have elsewhere, some of the problems about being in Australia for info re "stuff" and/or hands on test driving.
    The Kurtzweil site doesn't send info to Australia directly for instance. After moving through four mouse clicks and different pages, you get an Australian distributer (if yer lucky). You then send them a seperate email request for info, which they may or may not answer.
    Also, you keep a watch (the best you can) on new developments and equipment.If they eventually get over here, then you have to see who's bringing them in.Sounds easy? Well I was wanting to check out some of the new TL Audio gear. When an ad eventually appeared in a local music mag announcing it (months after you folks would have heard, saw, tested it etc. in the UK) I contacted the distributers. Often the person you get on the phone doesn't know much about the equipment itself. In the case of the TL stuff, after a couple of days tracking them down, they told me that they were'nt going to be importing the piece of gear I was interested in. This is despite a full colour ad in the magazine saying it was available.Yep, it's frustrating.
    Sorry about the length of some of my posts,(like this one?) but you can imagine how brilliant it is to come across forums such as this one, and getting tangible, relevant info. that actually helps you.I'm not crawling up anybody's anatomy here. That's just the way it is.By the way, some people over here are still sorry about the Seekers domination of the UK hitparade in the sixties. Me, I'm just an imigrant boy from Glasgow.
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  15. Greg Malcangi

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    Originally posted by stedel:
    Hi Julian. Well now I know. What an interesting unit the Kurtzweil seems to be. Definately on my list to check out.

    I think this is the standalone unit which is based on the KDFX hardware upgrade that became available to K-2500/K2600 sampler owners a couple of years ago. If it is, then it truly is a cool piece. There are some terrific reverb algorhythms in the KDFX chip, and many flangers, choruses, etc, which are very musical sounding. I did some demo sequences for it, actually. It completely transforms the sound of the K2500 to 'world class' (whatever the hell that means ;-). Do check it out. You'll be impressed.

    As far as the other issue is concerned, I too go AES out to a hardware reverb unit (tc 3000) and love that setup. Just send my patch change at the beginning of the tune, an aux fader, and done. Save the DSP for eq and compression.

  17. anonymous

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    Do you use MIDI to configure the settings on your TC unit?
  18. stedel

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    Hmm. Maybe there's a need for me to put up another post similar to the one I did "Sex and Pro Tools- A Users Guide". "Freud and SYSEX".
  19. anonymous

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    Please, Stedel. Anything but that! :eek: :eek: :eek: And who or what is K...Y...L...I...E.. (re: lesson #1 in how to speak Australian) :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Damn. This is my own fault I know. I started this post on Julian's forum. Greg suggested it should maybe have been a topic for the Pro Tools forum he oversees over in DAWworld. Now I've got two posts happening about the same thing.I'm getting dizzy.
    I've actually got a question re the Kurtzweil, reverb algorithms, and plug ins. But first, as all you people in the UK and Australia would understand, I have to address Littledogs comments
    about Kylie. This might take some time. Do any of you folk know him? It's probably time he knew,but
    it might upset him, even scare him. What if he's all alone and it's at night? Damn this is also my fault. I feel so reponsible.Speak to you after I've broken it to Littledog.

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