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  1. AKR

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    alright, so, i get the basic idea to this, but i'm having trouble implementing it. i'm using cubase LE. i've read that i need to reverse the audio, apply the reverb, then, reverse it back to normal. now, how exactly do you "apply" the reverb to something that's already been recorded? how do you make it "stick?" i have the reverb insert effect turned on...i just don't quite know how to get to the next point.

    thanks, Reuben
  2. theaero

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    it depends on what sequencer/DAW you use. You need to set your 'verb the way you like it (you wont be able to just click it off like an insert effect after the next step), then instead of making it an insert effect, you gotta process it instead. You can usually do this by going like effects>process or something similar.. depends on teh daw program. But yea, do that, and it'll "stick", then reverse it back.
  3. Music_Junky

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    reverse the audio track apply reverb, record the track with the reverb on to a different track and then reverse the new track. Hope this make sense :)
  4. hueseph

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    Similar to Music_Junky's post but....

    Reverse the audio, add reverb go to file export audio, make sure that you have "export to new track" or "Render as new track" selected in the export options. From there you can reverse the newly created reverse track with reverb.
  5. AKR

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    alright, thanks guys, i got it now. this is gonna be fun!

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