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RME 800 fireface and avalon M5

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by trock, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. trock

    trock Active Member

    I am looking at getting these 2 pieces of gear

    does anyone here use either of these and can you give me a review??

  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    The M-5 is a good sounding, clean, clear sounding mic pre. It will be faithful to the signal you put into the unit without embellishment. If you're looking for a unit that will make you go "wow" everytime you plug something into it, then this probably isn't the box for you... if you're looking for detail and clarity, you will be able to achieve it with ease with the M-5.

    As for RME stuff... I have never heard any RME converter I thought was worth a damn. I find them rather small and nasal sounding in comparison to things like Apogees and Crane Song's, Lavry's or even the LYNX cards... but I have a feeling those things are probably more expensive than the RME stuff.

    These are just one user's opinions... they may or may not be relevant to your reality... in other words, "your mileage may vary"

  3. trock

    trock Active Member


    good to see you again, sorry this took so long to get back to you

    i am now leaning towards a Avalon 737sp instead of the M5, any thoughts on that?? i have read good things about it and think for the price having the EQ and Comp, along with the Pre will be good for me and where my budget is at??

    i am still leaning towards the RME 800, but i am interested in what exact models of other makers you are referring too so i can check them out??

    the RME is actually more than i want to spend.


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