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RME Digiface vs 9652 on windows 8 ?

Discussion in 'Computers / Software' started by pcrecord, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    I have some problems with my Saffire56 and I think about having a backup alternative to record.
    My important gear goes in adat

    which one would be your choice
  2. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    My first impression is that the pci (9652) would be more stable compare to the digiface that is FireWire dependant..

    Any thoughts ?
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Based on my experiences to date, pcie is by far superior, especially if you are using this for midi and tracking and need lower latency . But, I use USB or FW for my capture DAW with doesn't require all the fuss and needed lower latency for tracking.
    RME is very stable so I'm sure either of the two you are considering will work just fine.

    The Digiface is more portable.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    The RME 9652 is parallel PCI. Check that you have a slot for it in your present and future PCs.
  5. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    Hi Bos... could you do a favor for us dummies (me) and explain what a parallel PCI is?
  6. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    What we now call Parallel PCI is the original PCI interface, and came in various flavours and voltages, including 32-bit and 64-bit using standard and wide connectors. Wikipedia calls it "conventional PCI".

    PCIe is the more recent, serial form of the bus, and again has 3 different widths: x1, x4, x16, but this refers to the number of serial pairs that connect to the slot.

    PC motherboards until recently used to provide one or sometimes two parallel PCI slots along with their assortment of serial PCI, but many of the newer motherboards I have seen do not have any parallel slots. Parallel and serial motherboard slots are physically and electrically incompatible.
  7. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    Awesome. Thank you, Bos. :)
  8. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    At the time I bought my motherboard, I was using 4 Delta pci card. I ordered my motherboard from the other side of the world to get it cause nobody was keeping it in stock in Canada.
    So yeah I have 4 pci slot with one in use presently.
    By the way those are the long often white ones.
  9. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Fine, but it's worth thinking about what you do when you want to get a new motherboard and keep your audio interfaces.

    I'm not very well up on the RME internal card range, but it could be that something like the HDSPe AIO would give you a sufficiently close match to the features of the HDSP 9652 but using the more future-proof PCIe bus. In addition, PCIe interfaces generally have higher performance than the older parallel PCI cards and are less affected by other installed boards producing interrupts, streaming DMA etc.
  10. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    You are right Boswell,
    Thing is, the AIO's price is way higher and I'm affraid I'll have to get a better FireWire card to use it fully.
    I have a nearly new I7 so I may take the risk. Also there's is still some MB with pci slots... I agree we don't know for how long..
    I need to think about it...

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