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RME hdsp9632 trouble?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by redrabbit, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. redrabbit

    redrabbit Active Member

    New DAW for me, yay.
    I have no software yet.
    I did install an RME hdsp9632 snd card with newest drivers and firmware. The analog i/o's ARE sending and receiving info thru my outboard sound system, but will not be recognized by 'Windows Media Player' when the RME is set as the default device .
    Mobo audio does work(cannot patch either cd drives thru RME).

    (WMP) Error ID# 0x80040256 "no sound device is installed"

    ..........but wait......

    I found an annoying workaround...if I remove RME as default device before powering down my rig , and then switch it back after power up , Media Player works fine.

    Now of course WMD will not be my app of choice once I get rolling,
    but even the 'sounds & audio device properties' box says "no device".
    Q.....Is this normal, and when I install and configure Cubase it will
    be resolved?

    I emailed RME..but you know, new rig , no software till next paycheck......impatients and perfection is a tough mix. No ans. from RME yet.
    (xp home ,sp1a)
  2. Fozz

    Fozz Active Member


    In case you have't discovered the following, try asking your question in one or more of these places:

    • news://news.x-networks.de/rme-audio.forum
    • http://www.audioforums.com/forums/
    • http://www.homerecording.com/bbs/

    When you get an answer, post it hear. I've been thinking of getting the RME Multiface and would not like to have any problems.
  3. redrabbit

    redrabbit Active Member

    possible answer...

    It's me, redrabbit.
    I believe the "problem" is a small one. Windows Media Player will play an audio cd when 'onboard audio' is set as default, and will not play when RME is set to default device (before boot-up). To this young pc gunner, means that WMPlayer needs drivers that the RME does not support , and this is why I can boot-up with 'onboard audio' (preset as default), then switch to RME ....and WMP will work. The drivers needed are loaded at boot-up using 'onboard audio'. (WDMdrivers???) My RME says it has MME and ASIO, not WDM.
    I have purchased Wavelab, installed it, used it, and had no issues or other problems. The RME 9632hdsp seems to be working fine--and I believe my 'problem' was MY problem from which I learned a lot.
    Things like this are how some (most?) of us educate ourselves....by working through issues. I hope I did not turn away any RME customers. Take any advice with a grain of salt, including mine.
    (current favorite music : Funki Porcini)
  4. Fozz

    Fozz Active Member

    Hi redrabbit,

    Thanks for the update.

    With my windows 2000 system I poked around a bit starting at Control Panel, then on to Sounds and Multimedia. The Audio tab has a Sound Playback section.

    I have an Asus p4b266 motherboard which has what they call the C-media Wave Device which is the only I/O hardware I have (it is part of the motherboard versus being in a PCI slot). That is the only device I have to choose from.

    I think the answers to the following questions are both YES, but with windows, you never know.

    With the RME card installed, will one then have two things to choose from?

    And, is that where one sets the default (preferred device?
  5. a33

    a33 Active Member

  6. redrabbit

    redrabbit Active Member

    I have an AsusP4800e-deluxe. Another step I took to help force my pc to use the RME only, was I stopped my 'on board (built in) audio' from running at start-up (start/run/msconfig.exe/startup tab/(uncheck what's not wanted or needed to run at start-up). Not sure if this is the same for win2000. I have-winXP home.
    I'm not sure exactly which change(s) I did that made things run smoothly , but I was carefull not to change anything that couldn't be restored. Simple things to a seasoned pc user, but I am new, having built the first pc I have ever owned. I am learning some things the hard way.
    The answer is yes to both. You will be able to set the 'prefered device' in two places---Sounds and Multimedia, and your music software will give options as to which device you select. The RME will allow you to select which in/outs you use. I don't need to use the jacks coming fron my motherboard audio any more. I have all sound routed thru the RME , played back by my home hi-fi . The very night I installed Wavelab, I was burning cd's from my VPI turntable. Play around till things work or read the manual HA!
    My friend's advice is to call the company before buying any soft/hardware to see if it's what you really want/need. But who really does things like that these days....?

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