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Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by RODNEY, Sep 3, 2003.


    RODNEY Active Member

    Im thinkin bout gettin one of these pres.I would like to try them out first so does anyone know of a place with a good return policy that carries these 3?Pluse any thoughts on them?
    Somethings Ive been thinkin bout when lookin at these pres are.The RNP doesn't have a pad butt it has 2 channels.The Grace doesn't have an insert butt its got good reveiws and a pad.The Summit seems to have everything I need but I haven't heard much bout it and Im not sure if the tube is just a gimic that just adds distortion to the signal or if it could really be usefull.
    This pre will be my only good one fer now so I want to be able to use it on everything.What are yer thoughts? THANKS RODNEY
  2. sdevino

    sdevino Active Member

    I know of a place in Mass. but not near Detriot. These pres have very different sounds. The Grace is a ruler flat almost laboratory clean pre. If you are going to be recording a lot of acoustic stuff it is certainly a great pre. You may or may not like it for vocals (although I do if the singer is great).

    The Earthworks 1022 is similar to the grace with a couple of different features. You might want to look at it as well.

    On the less than pure side the Sebatron vmp2000e in my studio is getting lots of work lately. IT has a very sweet edge to it.


    RODNEY Active Member

    Thanks Steve! I dont do much acoustic music mostly just rock.Ive thought bout the Sebatron butt its a little to much right now thou I might just save my moneys and wait till I have enough fer it. THANKS RODNEY

    YOUNGMOE Guest


    check the music section...a song called I DON"T KNOW should be the very top song...

    this was recorded in a room with HORRIBLE accoustics, using a Rode NTK and a Summit 2ba-221, i had people not familiar with recording tell me the vocals sounded especially "warm" on more then one occasion, just recently...

    so check for yourself

    RODNEY Active Member

    Hey thanks fer the reply.I cant listen to yer song though cus the only puter I have is at work and it aint got no speakers.
    Are ya happy with the Summit?What could ya compare it to sound wise?
    Right now its between the RNP and the Summit.Besides the 2 channels on the RNP is there any other real advantage in either?
    Im a poor guitar player that just records my own $*^t with my friends im no pro I just want to get a better sound then my Muckie gets me.That should be easy right? THANKS RODNEY

    YOUNGMOE Guest

    well, the HI-Z/Line in i'm pretty sure is the same as the Summit TD-100 but i might be wrong, and the TD-100 is said to be a really dope bass/guitar D/I...
    i love it...yesterday i was playing with the Impedance, and changing it 100 Ohms or so made the biggest difference, then i turned the Tube Gain from 2'O Clock to 3'O Clock and got a new sound as well, the High Pass filter works extremely well to, i keep it around 60Hz( i found it to sound best with my deeeeep voice...)

    i had a Vintech 1272, and i like this just as much, and actually find it a bit clearer but still as warm

    YOUNGMOE Guest

    oh yeah and Alto Music will sell you one for 470
    brand new

    RODNEY Active Member

    Thanks fer the replys.I think Im gona get the Summit Ill let ya know what I think.THANKS AGAIN RODNEY

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