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Rode mics overload too easily?

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by Mercuri, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. Mercuri

    Mercuri Member

    I have a Rode NTK and this mic has a tendency to overload far too easily... Even when recording a quiet amp I get cuts in the sound! Does this happen to anyone else? I was under the impression that Rode's microphones had an amazing SPL tolerance.

    Is it a possibility that it's just disagreeing with my preamps?
  2. Mercuri

    Mercuri Member

    Okay, never mind... I feel like an idiot...

    It occurred to me that maybe the NTK is a lot hotter than I thought it was. I bypassed my preamps and went directly into a line level input and now I can blast the diapragm with a leaf blower and not get any overload.

    Hee hee... :p
  3. JM350

    JM350 Guest

    You seem to have discovered yourself that the preamp being overloaded by a loud source and a hot mic is the more common problem rather than the mic itself being overloaded.

    Your solution is a good one as long as the mic doesn't have a problem with the higher impedance that many line inputs offer compared to that of a mic input. Transformerless mics like your NTK will usualy do ok running into a line input but a transformer mic like the NTV would probably do better with the mic input an external inline pad unless of course you are dealing with a 600 ohm line input.
  4. Dan-O

    Dan-O Guest


    What pre are you using out of curiosity?


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