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Roland mc-909

Discussion in 'Recording' started by BigBalla1983, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. BigBalla1983

    BigBalla1983 Guest

    how to transfer roland mc-909 beats to pc? do i have to make the patterns into sampling or how would i transfer to pc so i can edit it with cubase.
  2. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine has a 505 and wanted to do the same thing. I simply had him enable one sound/track at a time on the 505 and I recorded it into cubase. Then we did the next track, and so on and so on, etc.

    There's no way to really transfer them from the unit to the computer. They must be recorded in real time.
  3. iznogood

    iznogood Guest

    don't forget to synchronize the machines....

    midi clock is one possibility...
  4. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    Sync Schmync!

    I just count out loud, stomp my feet and clap my hands, then hit record in time. :)

    Actually it is important.

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