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Room Treatment

Discussion in 'Studio Acoustics' started by zachzaba, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. zachzaba

    zachzaba Guest

    I was trying to get a large room (15 x 18 x 12') ready for recording and was looking for ideas to absorb the reflections off the cinder block walls. I was trying to find something a little more classy than just stapling carpet to the wall but not as insanely expensive as foam from online or whatever.
    thanks :lol:
  2. BeeryBobb

    BeeryBobb Guest

    If you want i have a friend who sells acuostic foam online a lot cheaper than most retailers. if you want i can give you his email. i use his acoustic foam in my studio and i can say its definitely great quality. it's worked great for me and it didn't cost me much either.

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