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audio Rotto

Discussion in 'Fix This MIX!' started by DP75, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. DP75

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  2. DogsoverLava

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    I know this isn't your first visit here, and I know that you've been "served" the TOS many times -- and for all I know you've actually complied this time and recorded a track using a microphone ----- I'll give you the benefit of the doubt -- but you gotta work with us right? You give us nothing here - no information at all. I don't know what you want by way of critique and I've nothing contextually to go on. I'm looking to be educated as much as the next guy and this electronic genre is one I've less familiarity with so giving me at least something to "help" me listen and critique here would be a minimum yes? Like a bare minimum.

    If I remember right you "play" the instruments live when you record to tracks? If so I find your playing very heavy handed - your touch very masculine and heavy - a contrast with the style that doesn't work for me with all the airy tones and melodies - it's very contra. The music itself is very Euro - I don't get the sense that any of this is inspired. I don't hear a single melodic line played with feeling - I just hear formula. It feels almost Soviet to me. What I want to hear is something beautiful -- but instead of giving me beauty from your performance and from the melody you are relying on the synth textures of the patches to do that. In guitar playing there's an expression that tone is in the fingers --- it's true even in synthesis -- I'm just not hearing anything inspired here.

    By contrast I'm not suggesting my stuff is any better (feel free to slaughter me) but that's about all I can say here - particularly as you didn't even give us anything beyond the link to start talking about.
  3. DonnyThompson

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