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Routing Question

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Mike Miller, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller Active Member

    Hey guys quick question I had two way communication (Ability to monitor the live and computer mix at the same time.) going on my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, my EuroDesk SX2442FX Mixer + A shitty live wire 4 channel head phone amp and I't worked great. Now I have added some new equipment A PreSonus Tube Preamplifier and a Behringer Power Play Pro XL Head Phone Amp. Heres the way I have it setup now Fast Track outs 1-2 to main in left and right on the Power Play Pro then main outs left and right of the Power Play Pro to channel 21/22 left and right on my mixer then my monitor speakers are in the main outs of the mixer. Lastly my Main out of the Presonus is in Mic/Inst line 1 of the fast track with the mic being in the input. The only problem I face now is I can here the computer mix fine, but I cant get a live mix as well. Also, is my routing right should I be using a XLR to 1/4 and run the Tube Preamp into a non preamp channel of the mixer then route it to my m audio to bypass all but the PreSonus preamp?? If some one could give me some insight I would really appreciate that. Sorry if I worded this like an idiot all these things looping is starting to get confusing lol
  2. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller Active Member

    Sorry, one more question. I just noticed when i'm recording through the Pre Sonus im getting a stereo head phone mix it seems but on playback through Sonar X1 Producer Im only getting a mono left mix even when I pan the channel completely right any ideas? Sorry if these questions are noob just getting use to the new equipment.
  3. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    Unless you used two mike, or a stereo sound source, you actually recorded in mono.
  4. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller Active Member

    I recorded in mono? I was guessing the Presonus is only Mono I'll check my settings.
  5. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller Active Member

    Ok, basically if you guys had a Behringer Eurodesk SX2442 FX Mixer, M-Audio Fast Track Ultra Audio Interface, PreSonus Tube Preamplifier and a Behringer Power Play Pro- XL headphone amplifier how would you route all of it to have two way communication (Having the ability to monitor a live & computer mix at the same time.) Aswell as bypassing all the preamps except the PreSonus.
  6. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Check the routing both in your DAW and in the Fast Track user interface. There might be pan assignments by default. Panned center even a mono signal will come out of both speakers.
  7. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller Active Member

    Ok, thanks Jack. Here is how I have every thing routed now see if this sounds correct. AKG Perception 220 mic xlr cable to the input of the PreSonus Tube Preamplifier. From there I have the PreSonus's output 1/4 TRS going to the line in of channel one of my Behringer Eurodesk SX2442 FX Mixer (Does line in bypass the Eurodesk's Xenyx Preamps? I only use my mixer for routing signals via subgroup out to my audio interface.) Next I assign channel one of the Eurodesk to subgroup 1 & 2 set group 1 to left and group 2 to right. Now I run 1/4 cables out of the subgroup outs to the 4 1/4 inputs of my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra (Will line in's bypass M-Audios preamps?) Next I run the outputs 1 & 2 of the Fast Track to the inputs of the Berhinger Power Play Pro-XL Headphone amplifer left and right. Then the main out left and right on thePower Play to Channel 21/22 of my mixer and set volume then plugin my monitor speakers on the main out of the Eurodesk left and right.
  8. lisa001

    lisa001 Active Member

    I think Jack is quite right.

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