Royer R-122 Microphones on Cello featuring Winona Zelenka

Discussion in 'Strings' started by audiokid, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Thanks Jeff, isn't that exactly what you and I love eh. I had a feeling you would like this as much as me. Thanks as well.
    I owned a pair of 122's loved them. I got a SF24 instead, but want r122 back now. I want them all!
    I love the sound and those ribbons are sure sweet. What a cool array of them eh.
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    What a great sounding recording! I always grab a ribbon for recording the cello... often my Royer 121 pair or my pair of Samar MF-65 mics. Both work great. I only wish I had a room like that to record them in! My room is smallish so reverb has to be added after the fact.
    I'd love to experiment with a Decca Tree arrangement like that!
    Nice one Chris, thanks for posting.
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