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Discussion in 'Studio Products' started by audiokid, Jan 17, 2011.

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    S5X: Main Monitors a notch above
    Both Versions of the S5X models have been designed for medium and large sized control rooms in which the precision and the power of the sound production are essential. The main task of these monitors is to bring the extraordinary sound quality all ADAM monitors are famous for into areas of higher dynamics and higher sound pressure levels.
    The S5X-H features two 12” HexaCone woofers, a 7.5” HexaCone midwoofer unit, an X-ART midrange and an X-ART tweeter. This combination is capable of filling large control rooms with breathtaking realism and stunning dynamic performance.

    The upper three drivers are each powered by a 250 W discrete PWM amplifier while two 500 W digital amp drive the two 12” woofers.
    The X-ART midrange
    The most famous and highly acclaimed feature of all ADAM monitors is the proprietary Accelerating Ribbon Technology tweeters. An exclusive feature of the main monitors is the application of this technology to the midrange as well.
    In accordance to the X-ART tweeters, also the midrange units now feature the improved X-ART. Compared to their ART predecessors, these midranges show improvements namely in higher efficiencies and higher maximum sound pressure levels.

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