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Samplitude 11 Producer DLV is dirt cheap right now.

Discussion in 'Samplitude' started by hueseph, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I don't know how kosher this is so I'm going to refrain from posting the link. Samplitude 11 Producer Download Version is currently going for $119cdn! Uh. Dirt cheap ladies and gentlemen! If you are interested go check out Magix site and do a search. A great deal for a great piece of software. And I was just about to buy Cubase Essentials(Read: Limited Edition)for about the same price. Glad I waited!
  2. moles

    moles Active Member

    Wow - I was actually planning on shelling out full price for this (once the time ran out on the trial). Any idea when it started? I thought I just checked the price last week or somewhere around there...
  3. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    I received an email from Magix today, saying "Valid only until April 27, 2010 ".

    I have Cubase 4 & WaveLab 6 so not sure if I even need it.

    I will have to check it out soon, not sure exactly what it is.
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    You won't be sorry. Its so nice.
  5. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    Hi audiokid, nice to be back here after a long absence ! ( I didn't realize recording.org was back until I started getting emails from you/them )

    I was perusing the Magix site, trying to get more info on the Producer, like how many tracks can you record at once but it doesn't say.

    I may just get it anyway as the $ is at par right now.
  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    As far as I know the current number of simultaneous inputs is 64. You can try before you buy.
  7. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hey Paul, great to have you back!! You'll have to tell us what you have been doing since 2001?

    hueseph, good you posted this. I had know idea. I'll see if we can get support here to chime in. stand by....
  8. TimDolbear

    TimDolbear Active Member

    Hey all

    Here is the Info:
    Samplitude Producer - music studio software by MAGIX

    We combined Music Studio 15 and Samplitude 10 SE, and upgraded it and we have Samplitude 11 Producer. So there will not be a Music Studio 16 release in N. America.

    Download the demo. It has object based editing like the Samplitude line and also all the extras from the Music Studio line.
  9. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    Well, after trying it out I decided to order it being as the "deal" ends tomorrow.

    Looks like it will be handy for quick recording, and hopefully, I can transfer files to & from Cubase 4 if needed.

    For the price I can't go wrong !
  10. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to download the 1.5 gigs of additional content. Samples, effects and loops.
  11. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    Yes, I've been doing that all afternoon, just got the first file (650mb) 2 larger ones to go.

    It's actually 2.35gigs total

    My wireless USB Modem/Internet is kinda slow, but beats the heck out of dialup which I was on until last yr.

    It's all your fault Hueseph :)
  12. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    Can someone confirm the file size of the Vita Content Pack 01 for me ?

    I was d/l it, and it said the size was 898 megs, but it finished at 100 megs.

    I'm now d/l the Vita 02 pack which is supposed to be 837 megs

    I'm curious because Hueseph said the packs were 1.5 gigs total and I said in my post above this, that it was 2.35 gigs because of the file sizes it said.

  13. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    If the download gets interrupted it will show as being less than the actual size. I think you will have to download that again. There is also a file called : samplitude_11_producer_dlv_content_base_en-us which is 648 MB.
  14. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    You guys will have to let us know how you like this. I'm using Sequoia so I can't help or have no idea what you are getting however, if its anything remotely like I think it is, you'll love it.

    Man, I wish they would have told me about this promotion. I would have posted it long ago. I would love to have a larger Samplitude group here. Looks like we have a start now!!!

    Thanks for chiming in Tim!

  15. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member


    I got the first file okay, the 648MB one (it installed fine ), but the second one was corrupt, and the 3rd one quit @ 500 MB so I'll have to d/l it again :-(

    Very annoying as I have a 3GB cap per month and I've used more than half that only 3 days into the billing cycle.

    Wish I could have ordered it on CD but Magix won't ship to a PO Box number and that's all we have out here.

    One of the downfalls of living on a Farm 70 miles from the nearest city I guess.

    Thanks for the info hueseph .
  16. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I would ask a friend if you could use their connection. Log into your email and click on the link they sent you. It should work regardless of the computer you're using. If all else fails, I can burn the files to disk and mail them to you.
  17. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    Well this is getting really frustrating :-(

    I was d/l the second file, Vita1, got as far as 561 MB, said it was finished, clicked on the exe file, said it was corrupt-expecting 900MB and quit.

    I've tried looking for the files at Magix, darned if I can find them, the only way I seem to be able to get at them is by starting Samplitude Producer and a screen comes up to d/l the extra content.

    The only link I got when they emailed me was for the Producer file, not the extra content.

    If I could use a friends connection I would just take my laptop over but without a link I'm stuck.

    I'll try one more time and see what happens, if it doesn't work then I just might have to take you up on your offer as my bandwidth will be all used :-( .

    Thanks for your input hueseph, much appreciated !
  18. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Take your laptop to your friends place, open up Samplitude, when it asks you to download the content it will take you to the page.
  19. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    I did manage to find the links to the 2 files, I copied the address when it connected to Magix's server.

    I tried d/l the VITA1 file, got to 897 megs, said it was finished but it was 1 MB short of 898 and wouldn't run the exe, said it was corrupt ...again..

    I don't know what's going on and for now I've given up as I'm out of bandwidth only 3 days into the month :-(

    I discovered when reading the EULA while installing Producer on my DAW ( not the laptop ) that it's tied to one machine, with 3 installations allowed for hardware changes, now that's a real bummer, wasn't expecting that at all.

    I'm used to being able to install Cubase on as many machines as I want, just plug the dongle in .

    This purchase is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth right now but I'm sure I'll feel better once I get those files :-(

    Anyway, now I'll have to make a 70 mile drive ( one way ) to use a friends HS connection.
  20. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I'm sure that if you email tech support they will try and accommodate you. I never got any message that I had used up an authorization at all. I had to re authorize when I added components to my machine.

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